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Do we really need every molar?

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My dh can either have a root canal/crown put in his one back molar or have it pulled. Needless to say, having it pulled is cheaper. Also, my dh has countless cavities and takes horrible care of his teeth. I have trouble spending so much money to save a tooth when it won't get cared for, anyway. Do we really need every molar? Have any of you ladies had experience with having a molar taken out? Did you really notice a difference once you made the original adjustment? My dh is leaning towards having it pulled since he is the first to admit the horrible care he takes of his teeth - but I said I'd ask here if anyone had any experience in this situation before we made a final decision. TIA.

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OMG yes you need every molar especially on top, once the tooth is pulled the bone starts to thin out and compact....on top you can actually start to have your hard palate turn soft from the bone loss = MAJOR SNORING!!!

If he's that bad you might want to think about screw in teeth but I know its expensive but for overall health you need to chew properly...take it out and expect more gas, indigestion and snoring...with the possiblity of night grinding....
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