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do we stand a chance???

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my chart:

dh and i are on our first month back TTC #1 after mc in march. i am REALLY
excited to be back again
....only thing is (1) O was inexplicably delayed by 2-3 days.
that has NEVER happened before, i am usually SO predictable.
(2) DH had work travel for a week, so when my first EWCM didn't result in temp shift we couldn't BD again. argh.

now i am at 5-6 DPO, depending on the interp. method used. (i switched it to FAM, bc "ADvanced" said
day 17 but i like day 16 better!! lol ).

so, i have been scouring FF and MDC for evidence that it really could be possible to conceive if our last BD
was 4 (or possibly 5???) days before O.

is anyone in the same boat??? or have you had experience with that happening? should i just give up hope for BFP this month? thanks so much.
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I think day 16 looks likely for "o" - I think it is your watery CM on day 17 that is throwing things off. Typically ovulation happens on the last day of fertile CM or the day after the last day of fertile CM. BUT many women report fertile CM after O... so I think there is no "typical" when it comes to our cycles.

I have heard that sperm can live for up to 5 days in fertile CM. So if you have good quality CM and he has good quality sperm, you most certaily could concieve this cycle! Even if you Oed on CD 17, you still have a chance.

I like that big shift you had today...

Good luck!!!
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Zymurgy--Thanks for the encouraging words!! Can't believe how obsessive I am being about the weird timing we had this month now that we decided to TTC again.

oh so you like my little temp spike today too?! it seems too early for triphasic (FF says 7-10 DPO) so i will wait and see tomorrow if it continues or was just a fluke.
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