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Do you always wear your nursing necklace? Or just when you nurse?

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I think I'm getting one for my birthday (
) and I was wondering...

If you wear it all the time does it lose its appeal (to baby)? 8 mo old dd is easily distracted and I hope this will make it easier to actually finish a nursing session in one sitting rather than a few sucks here, play, a few more sucks, etc.
I am kinda hoping that ya'll will say they don't get bored with it because I'm rather forgetful and if I have to remember to put it on each time, well, it just might not get worn a lot.

Thanks ladies!
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Mostly I wear mine all the time. Though sometimes it's a distraction from nursing too.... sigh...

I wear my for about a week before it gets boring for Jett. Then, I take it off for a few days and let the novelty of it return.

We go through this cycle consistently. It works well for us. If we had extra money, I would get a few very different looking necklaces and rotate them, both for my wardrobe and for Jett's amusement. As it is, I got one gorgeous one from and would highly recommend hers. So beautiful!!

ETA: Like Angela, sometimes the necklace is too much distraction. You can't ALWAYS win, I guess. It's way more of a help, than a hinderance, though.
i made some and love them i wake up and put it on its just like my underwear i wear it everyday but i have 3 and change them so ds can have something new to look at
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I wear mine every day. DS doesn't always play with it, but he does fairly often. When he's sitting on my hip, he likes to hang onto it
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Thanks for the replies.
The one I'm getting is from Her stuff is sooo pretty!
I think I'll make one too, just to have a change if Ella gets bored.
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I only wear mine now and then so she stays pretty interested in it, need to get another one so I can go between them!
I wear mine when it works well with my outfit

I got out of wearing necklaces with my first child due to him pulling on it. I also got out of the habit of wearing my dangly earrings, a watch, and my diamond engagement ring (it caught on his tummy pinning diapers).

My dd likes my NN, but I don't wear it every day. Mostly Sunday to church or when I'm going out and I remember it. :LOL
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