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Do you buy CD's as Christmas gifts?

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This may be a silly question, but have any of you ever given your DD/DS or a relative cloth diapers for Christmas? I thought about getting an expensive, adorable diaper for DS (although I would like to start potty training him over Christmas Break) to put under the tree.

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I was considering a special one that I wouldn't normally spend the money on for dd.
I so wish that my SIL used cloth because I would LOVE to get one for my nephew.
What a great idea! I think that DD is going to be more interested in the packages than in what's inside this year, so maybe a really cute diaper would be a good gift to her AND me...
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I will most likely get dd some new diapers for christmas, however I have also asked for some for her presents form granpmarents ect, when asked what she needs. She will only be 4 months old, so she won't get much out of christmas this year!
I think I'll buy some diapers and put them under the tree for me!!
I would....but DD is potty learning right now. Soooo.....just gotta wait till we concieve again.
Originally posted by MissSugarKane
I think I'll buy some diapers and put them under the tree for me!!
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