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Do you buy new things for each baby?

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Just curious. I'm a mom of two boys, with boy #3 on the way. I feel kind of bad, but the only new thing this baby is getting is an infant carseat. Everything else is used. If you have multiple children, esp of the same sex, do you make a point of buying something new for each baby, or do you just basically only buy something if you have to?
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I like buying new things for each baby. We reuse what we can, but our kids are spaced apart and different genders. I also think that each baby should have something of their own.

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I feel kind of bad, but the only new thing this baby is getting is an infant carseat. Everything else is used.
Your baby won't know the difference and they'll love you the same.
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I like for each child to get a new blanket of their own that I make- we don't need new blankets, but having one that is special for you means something.

Our new baby will also get to have a new sleeper to wear right after she is born- we are homebirthing, so her first outfit will be all her own. If we hospital birthed her take me home outfit would be new.

She'll get her own baby book too.

Other than that I think it will mostly be to fill in needs, or gaps in what we have.
i've never understood the fascination with "new" things versus "used" things. so far i only have one child (another's on the way), but almost all of her things are "used". she doesn't know the difference, and i haven't spent much money. (not to mention, we are reducing, reusing and recycling--always a good thing.)
I only purchased what was actually needed, and even then I bought many things used (only if it was safe to do so- carseats are always new!)

I got enough gifts for each baby that each one had something new anyway- but honestly, babies don't care. By the time the child cares about getting new stuff, he or she is a preschooler or older.
I haven't bought much this time, just a moses basket and a new stretchy wrap. But I've knitted a few diaper soakers and a blanket.

I have to much baby clothes allready since this is my third baby and we have all the other babystuff too. I don't know the gender of this baby, but I have both a girl and a boy allready. And a lot of the baby clothes er have are gender neutral.
My second was a girl and the first was a boy. So I did have fun getting a few new things once she was born. But before she was born I bought one outfit. A neutral sex outfit simply because I felt bad and I wanted to get one new thing for the new baby regardless if it was a girl or a boy.
I'm not planning on it, unless there is something I see that I just have to have.
I used so many hand-me-downs from friends and thrift store buys for even the first kid, none of my kids have had much that was "new"! I figure if it's in decent shape it's fine. That being said, I do get a few special things and my mom always goes nuts so the kids do get new stuff from time to time. So far in my family my mom is the only one who ever seems to care.
For my 2nd, I bought a new sling. For my third I bought a new rocking chair. For my 4th, I bought a Moses basket. Reading this list, these things were more for me than for baby though. I guess I feel like I deserve something for each child that makes my parenting a bit easier...
I bought one pair of cute onesies that were new with tags at the consignment shop, since they were cheap and really cute and I just HAD to get something.
But I don't specifically try to get anything new for each baby. I don't think I bought any clothes for my second baby at all. This is boy #3 for me, so I'm reusing a lot of stuff.

I did buy new baby carriers for this one, simply because with each child, I learn more and more what I like. So I bought a nice woven wrap for this baby because I didn't have one for the other two and I found out last fall that I really liked the woven wraps. I also bought a half buckle Mei Tai for this baby because I have learned that I LOVE the padded SSC style waist, but also like the Mei Tai shoulder straps. So these things are more for ME really, not the baby.

I also want to buy a new car seat so this baby can rearface longer, as I've learned that the seats I have don't work so well for tall children.

So everything "new" I buy is just because I've learned something since the last kid. All the clothes and most of the baby gear (bouncy chairs and such) just get reused. They don't care.
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I've only bought a few new things for this baby, #3 for us as well. A new carseat, and some other items that disappeared in the move when DD2 was a newborn. I save most things and can't see buying something new if I already have it.
I've got 5 dds. Their seasons never seemed to match up quite right, so I did buy at least some new clothes with each baby.
I think I would have bought a few new things anyway.
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I just buy what is needed.... Our older kids like that their younger siblings are using the things they used as a baby You know, "Can you believe YOu used to fit in this carseat?" or "here's a picture of you in this same high chair." Even some of the stuff that is really special to a younger sibling (like our youngest's "lovey") was originally purchased for an older sibling, but the younger one is the first who really had an attachment to it. And when they are old enough to understand, the younger ones like to inheret stuff from their older siblings who they look up to.

Everyone seems to get what they need, and ends up getting something new as they each grow differently, have different interests, etc. or the sibling before them wears things out or isn't ready to give up something to the baby when s/he is ready for it.
I had three dds in a row. Each girl got her own Coming Home/First Outfit and her own baby book. The third one got a new car seat. We always got a few new diaper covers. They all have their own special blanket.

Other than that, it was hand me downs. They didn't care, they love comparing pictures of themselves in the same outfits!!
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