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Which do you buy most often? Used or new diapers?

  • I buy only new diapers.

    Votes: 8 9.9%
  • I buy mostly new diapers and the occasional used diaper.

    Votes: 38 46.9%
  • I buy mostly used diapers and the occasional new diaper.

    Votes: 34 42.0%
  • I buy only used diapers.

    Votes: 1 1.2%

Do you buy used or new?

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Which is your preferred method of diaper buying? Are you constantly trolling the TP/ebay/other sites for good "pre-loved" stuff, or are you more of a buy it new and in perfect condition girl?
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I would love to buy mostly new, but I can't spend the money on something new that might not work for us. So I buy them gently pre-loved and try them out before I risk shelling out the money for something new. Plus, Chloe is at an odd size right now where she is so close to being out of one size and into another, I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff that might be too small in a couple of weeks.

And then there is Matthew. He is almost three and a half and I don't have the heart to spend a bunch of money on new stuff for him when he could decide to potty train any day now. I have a sneaking suspicion that Chloe will decide to use the potty before she ever gets big enough to use his hand me downs because she already HATES having a wet diaper.

I have a Muttaqin on its way, and if that works for us, I may just save up and buy a bunch of those new since they will last us until potty training. Gotta love one-size diapers that work!
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I've been buying a lot of used, just to see what works for us, and since I have 2 in diapers (med and XL) I can't really afford all new. That being said, I do buy the occasional new diaper, if I find a really great one or something that works really well. So far though none of the one-size diapers fit both girls except the MuttaQins...
I buy half and half. If I find a good deal I go for it, wether its used or new. Now if its something I NEED I will get what ever I come across first.

I almost always buy new. If I can see the products them I sometimes buy used mostly when I'm testing a new diaper. However I want my diapers to be used on more than one child. So I get them new. Covers ALWAYS new.

1/2 & 1/2 so far. I've tried buying more used off the TP but i guess i'm slower than the rest
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I did get a lot of used stuff at first to see what we liked/worked/fit. Once I figured that out, we ended up getting 75% new stuff because people just weren't selling what I wanted. Right now I'm drooling over some stuff on the TP, but restraining myself because of other money issues.
Oops, sorry, double post.
I mostly buy used.. that would be because of my budget
I only buy prefolds new though and prefer to buy new covers as well.

That being said I did treat myself and my wee one to two new dipes yesterday. My first new dipes (not prefolds) that I have bought in over two years!!!!

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Pretty much half/half right now. I usually buy more used and splurge on a few new ones but lately I've been going for some new ones more than the used.
I have been buying used mostly, because I can get such a good deal on the TP. The exchange rate really kills buying new stuff!
I didnt vote because I am about exactly half and half. I buy new when I can but when its impossible to find stuff I usually get it on the TP or ebay in new or like new condition.
I would love to buy new diapers but once I factor in the exchange rate it takes all the fun out of it for me. So used it is, especially if it's something I've never tried.
I know, doesn't the exchange rate just kill ya! *sigh* I just spent $300 CAD, and I can only imagine what I would get with $300 USD
I voted "I buy mostly new diapers and the occasional used diaper"

Wool is another story~
The TP is the only way I've been able to score MM :LOL
With DS1, I bought almost exclusively used, with just a couple little NB and smalls custom made. It made it much less expensive for us to try a bunch of things and find out what worked.

I can't imagine if I'd gotten our whole stash new. Wowza!
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Its about half and half for me too. I like new things best but have no qualms at all about used things. I always check the trading post first because I'm not rolling in money.
About half and half here too, I buy whatever tickles my fancy.
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