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Have you been to the subforums?

  • I've never read the subforums.

    Votes: 11 20.4%
  • I do read them occasionally.

    Votes: 35 64.8%
  • I read them often.

    Votes: 6 11.1%
  • Hunh? I still can't find them.

    Votes: 2 3.7%
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You know, there's lots to see at the top of the diapering forum main page. What is there you ask? I am so glad you asked this question...

Diapering Archives
You know the old saying "History repeats itself?" Well, so do the question and answer discussions in Diapering. Come pull up a chair and peruse our Diapering Archives.

The Daily Diaper
Looking for a particular diaper/cover style? Want to support an MDC diaper WAHM? Looking for a sale? Here you can find MDC Mommas advertising their wares.

Diapering Reviews
Bring on the reviews! Have you 'treaded the diaper WAHM waters' and want to share your experience? Come on in and read or give reviews on your favorite diapers or diaper WAHMs.

Diapering Resources
Got questions on cloth? Here are the answers! Laundering instructions, Wool Care, Folding instructions and more! Plus you'll find many great links and the Mothering Articles on Diapering inside.

Diapering Forum Guidelines and Advertising Information

Elimination Communication
Want to reduce the amount of daily diaper changes? Here you'll find tips and support for responding to baby's cues for elimination and decreasing dependency on diapering.


Wow!! Isnt' this place just amazing?

Plus, I am getting very BORED writing these "please change your signature" PMs so please check the link in my sig to see if your sig is in compliance.

Thanks ever so much.

xoxo pam

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The only one I ever have read is "Diapering Resources" when I am trying to find info for someone w/ a question.

I know this wasn't part of the question, but I think the names of the subforums are a bit confusing. I think "FAQ" would be a better title for "Diapering Resources." I also think "The Daily Diaper" while very clever, is a confusing title. JMO.

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I hardly ever do because I need to keep it simple when I'm clicking, reading and trying to type while also working in the kitchen or nursing or feeding the kids lunch-- it seems too much unless I have a specific question I never just browse them.
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