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Do you ever forget that they've weaned?

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I'm 22 weeks pregnant, and my 2 year old weaned himself 6 weeks ago, and my 3 year old weaned himself about the same week I got pregnant (so 5 months ago). Lately, whenever they're upset, particularly the 2 year old, my instinct is to nurse them. Then I have to remind myself that they've weaned. It's so bizarre. And I feel like I can't give them proper snuggles with my big belly getting in the way now.
Anyone else "forget" that they've weaned momentarily? Of course I'll be back at it again in a few months, but I'm curious how long before your first instinct in comforting your children wasn't to nurse them? Or is there always that twinge in your head telling you to nurse when you hear a baby upset?

- Krista
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I'm there with ya!

I'm around 30 weeks pregnant. DD weaned about six weeks ago as well, though she HAS asked a few times since then. I've found myself on more than one occasion about to get in "nurse" mode when she is looking for comfort or snuggles. Usually she just looks at me funny and uses the boob for a pillow..hehe

It's funny, for a couple of months before she weaned, I was hoping she would, because it was causing quite a bit of discomfort, but now that she almost never wants to anymore, I feel sad.
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My oldest self weaned over 2 years ago and I still sometimes forget he doesn't nurse anymore!
I think part of that has to do with the fact that he's the only one of my four children not nursing, so it's more common for one of my children to be nursing than not!
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I "forget" more now that I'm pregnant. Before, I'd wish I could nurse DD to calm her down or whatever, but now it's like I have this urge to put her to the breast and I have to stop myself. I think it's due to the swelling and such going on now.
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