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My dd is almost 3 years old. I feel like I almost never get a break.
She constantly wants me to entertain her and it feels like a can barely get 5 minutes to myself.
So I have started thinking that having a more structured day would help. Keeping her busy is good but it something dosent go her way she just looses it. She is also a very emotional girl. Example. I filled up her toddler swimming pool and got it all ready for us to swim after our walk. So she gets in and I sit to take a break before I get in. She dosent like this at all and just dosent understand that mommy wants to take a short break before I join her. So she decideds that she just wants to go inside instead.. Actually she insists..Ok fine. So we get to the door and she decides that she DOSENT want to go in. So I made her go in and she threw a fit so I just put her down for a nap and now she is asleep. It seems like everything is such a freakin battle. Why cant we just have fun?
I try to be understanding but after awhile Im just worn out.
If anything somebody please tell me that I am not alone..
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