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Do you find a curriculum to "fit" your dc, or do you.....

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"Fit" your dc to your chosen Curriculum????
Does this make sense???

I am trying to ask if you pick the studies based on what "you" think is good, or do you choose, based on what you think will be a good choice for your dc??

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both. I go through the catalouge with dd and see what she likes, some things I look at and think oh she will like this and run it by her and other times I htink "hmm, this is a good deal, we can try this" why buy conflict. at least try to match it to your child.
I just went through the catalog of the curriculum that I normally use. I circled everything that I "needed" to get and added up the cost.
Then I read a very interesting article in "Above Rubies" about using what you have for curriculum. Not only is it much, much cheaper but your children can learn what they want. Now, I like unschooling in theory but am too afraid to practice it so....I think I'll get the curriculum I planned on for my oldest (I choose math and religion books he chooses the rest) and then use what I have for the other kids. Again, I'll choose math and religion for them. Does this make any sense? I'm very, very tired.
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I definitely fit the curriculum (if any!) to the child. I don't buy anything without my kids telling me that they think it will be helpful. In fact, I generally wait until they volunteer that they'd like a structured resource of some sort. My eldest recently asked me for Latin resources, so together we investigated the options and chose something inexpensive and lightweight to "test the waters". When she was 7 and asking for help working on handwriting, I did some research, presented her with three or four different options and explained why I thought a couple of them made more sense than the others. She went with what I thought she'd choose and it served her well.

To me that's the beauty of homeschooling... being able to tailor the child's education to the child. If I wanted my interesting, angular pegs of kids to fit into neat little round holes I could send them to school.

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Yeah, what Miranda said.

Now that some of my kids are older, they generally pick out what they need. I always try to buy things that can be used for all or most of them. For example, once we found a really good (for us) high school science program, I bought the four books almost all new for the oldest, but I won't have to buy them ever again.

Some things I pick out myself, but it is because I know they would it enjoy it. It's partly a trail-and-error process. I've tried fitting them and me into a curriculum, but it totally did not work and lead to a huge burnout for all of us.
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Originally Posted by moominmamma
I definitely fit the curriculum (if any!) to the child. I don't buy anything without my kids telling me that they think it will be helpful. In fact, I generally wait until they volunteer that they'd like a structured resource of some sort. ..

And, what works for one child may not be right for another. When we first considered hsing, I looked at materials with an eye to re-use them for my younger children. Definately doesn't always work around here! They have different interests, different abilities at different ages, different ways of thinking...

Being able to do what works best for each of them is one of the great things about homeschooling.
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I bought what I like, and I'll offer something around occasionally, but we don't "do" the curriculum in the usual sense. The kids don't really do anything they don't want to do, learningwise, so it was important that what I chose was something they'd also like. I guess I'd vote I "fit" the curriculum to my dc. I certainly don't expect them to conform to some curriculum.

:) Diane
I definately have my dc learning styles and ablities in mind while I am choosing what to use in our homeschooling. I choose curriculums that I feel represent my educational goals for my dc, and then tailor it to fit the needs of my dc. I don't think I have used anything right out of the box, I'm always changing things around, adding and deleting components. I am also not afraid to drop something if it isn't working for my dc.

Hope this explains what I'm trying to say! :p
Do you mean to tell me that you let your older dd browse, and "shop"???? If so...... I would NEVER have thought of doing that. Out of curiosity,what "catalog" are you referring too????
I will have to give this much thought!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



yes,this makes sense.....I remember your older ds is able to do this.And that makes sense to choose his math and religion...and let him do the rest!!!
Are you taking this approach with dd (who shares my dd's BD 11-11-96)???

I completely hear what you're saying about "unschooling"......but it just doesn't fit with"ME" hsing........if dh were to hs,then he(and she!) would absolutely excel at this method(UN-method!!!!!!).
I, am too scattered to approach hsing this way...and it's taken me 2 years to figure this out. And I don't think this is a bad thing about me, it's just not my thing. I am NOT a detail person when dh is!....and he is the one who can earn more $ at THIS point, so this is where we are at.....he offers his tidbit of "unschooling" when he can.....I am strugglimg with the realities.

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Wow! Miranda! THat is a cool way of approaching the dc options, and let them choose!! I must ask if your dc are reserved or very opinionated????

This is why i posted this question!!!!!!
THanks for your input!!!!
I have a good friend who wants so much for her dc to excel.....she and her dh have invested their last 2 tax returns ALL on hsing materials. They have spent more than $1500.00 this year alone!! She justifies it by saying that her younger dc will use the supplies, and materials! I pray that their younger dc do well with the present curriculum....

I just could never assume that about my ds,and therefore,wait till I see his strengths and weakness!!!!

To each his own!!!

Thanks Diane! You are obviously a very loving ,caring parent!!!!!!


I agree!!!!! This is the current prob. I have.......I have decided the type of hsing, but ai would totally like dd to choose within "my" frame of choices.....

We'll see......

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