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Do you get cervical area twinges?

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The last few days here/there I get mild twinges in the cervix. I'm guessing there might be some changes occurring, but I'm not having frequent contractions or anything. Then again, I wonder if it is the baby moving over the cervix? I will tell my OB at my appointment next week. I really want to make it as far as I can to full term so I'm hoping nothing major is going on - but i doubt it since I'm not really having much pressure (not even sure it is pressure), no odd discharge, random contractions. Any one else?
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I've been having major shooting cervical pain for several nights, and only sporadically before that. I lost what apparently was my mucus plug about 2 weeks ago so gradual changes have definitely been going on, I'm a good 3-4cm right now but still slightly posterior and less than 50% effaced. I'm on forced reduced activity to hopefully keep anything from happening before 37 weeks. I have maybe 2 or 3 contractions over night but that's it. I think its a combination of stress and a very low baby putting lots of pressure on my cervix. Everything has been happening at night so I have a feeling I'm gearing up for prodromal labor (yuck).
i'm having this too, sometimes it stops me dead in my tracks ouchie, i thought it might be just baby's hand or something like that
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I've experienced this too, and have wondered what was changing down there. I don't know if it's her head creating more pressure down there or what. I have a mw appointment tomorrow so I plan on asking about it.
I've had something like this every now and then. I've always thought it felt like her hand was digging around down there.
Yes, feeling like a brief pressure on my cervix. It doesn't last very long and it isn't painful.
Um, twinges? More like shooting pains! I asked my MW about it and she said it's normal - it may mean babe is settling down against my cervix - and she's head down, yay! Also, I regularly get pre-labor contax, as in, a few a day! Some are painless, some painful, but either way, I figure I'll be really ready to 'pop her out' when it's time!

so focus on that - your body is busy getting itself more ready! Yay!

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Yep. It's normal. Baby is pushing against your cervix, helping to prep it.
i get the shooting pain ones usually, mostly twinges this time, aside from a hand full of "stop in your tracks and grab the wall "ones i had last week.
Sometimes I feel Joshua pushing down on my cervix and it really hurts! It definitely makes me stop what I am doing. I have no idea if I am dilated or not though.
Twinges here, too, also, with no ctx, least not painful ctx.

It almost feels like I'm stretching down there...or something is pressing against it. No shooting pains, here, just interesting twinges that feel preparatory for the next step.
Yes. In my case, I don't know if it's dilation, though. It's more likely a foot kicking me.
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I had one day where I had crampy, cervical-pressure type pain in waves when I was walking/standing, but nothing rhythmic enough to be considered contractions. I assumed it was baby pushing on my cervix and was going to mention it to my MW this week, but our appointment has been delayed because she got sick with mono.
I'll find out what she has to say next week, hopefully...
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Oh, yeah, I get twinges. I reckon it's her head or hand hitting it-- but it's enough to make me sit up and suck in my breath.

I haven't had any pre-labor signs at all, not even Braxton Hicks-- I'm 35 weeks. We're going to start cervical checks at next week's appointment, but I'm not expecting too much going on there-- I'm first-timer, and have no pre-indication for preterm labor, so I'm settled in for a long haul.
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