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Do you get hot flashes?

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do you get hot flashes while you nurse? i do....not all the time, mostly in the evenings. is that normal? is it due to my hormones or am i just wierd?
or is it something else?
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I had hot flashes after the birth of my second child. They were hormonal, but not normal -- I was hyperthyroid.

I would definitely check this out with your PCP.
wow really? i was supposed to have my thyroid ultrasound done while on maternity leave, but i also had all sorts of test done because my family doc thought something was wrong with my kidneys and all sorts of other things. i never followed up on the thyroid because everything else was abnormal at the time due to pregnancy and birth so i just figured the thyroid was abnormal for the same reasons. maybe i shouldnt have over looked that one huh.

i also have really dry skin and ive never had dry skin before. is that hormonal? or maybe something else.
Hopefully others will chime in with their experiences. I doubt that thyroid conditions are the only health prob with hot flashes as a symptom. I don't know about the dry skin.

FWIW, my hot flashes were mostly in the evenings too.

Hope you get to the root of this soon!
I had hot flashes for a couple of months just before my cycles returned at about 18mo PP. It would happen at night mostly. My face was breaking out etc. I felt like a teenager. It was awful. Then my cycles started again and everything was normal. I have had 4 kids, and #4 was the only one that happened with.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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