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I'm further north in Canada than the pp who's in Victoria - I'm in Edmonton which is central AB, not sure the latitude..

Anyways, we don't do vitamins for ds - even vit D. Although I do continue to take my prenatals and extra vit D myself since his needs are higher for it being preemie.

If you really dig into the medical literature there is conflicting research on the need for extra vit D in bf infants, even in northern areas with less sunlight exposure. There's a good study that was done in Korea showing there was no difference in bone mineralization in bf vs ff babies even if there blood showed they were vit D deficient and when they were born to vit D deficient moms. These babies were all studied in the winter months BTW and over 3/4's of the moms were vit D deficient when the babies were born.

Interestingly enough, I asked my mom about vit D & the vit K shot from when I was a baby. I was also born in Edmonton, so same climate.
At the time vit K wasn't even done or mentioned (1976,) and vit D supplements weren't mentioned either. And I have to say I've got incredibly strong bones.. never had a broken one despite having had some horrendous accidents where bones could've been broken. (Klutzy...

Anyways, ultimately your choice. Ds did get the vit D supplements for a short while in the NICU. I caved on the issue & decided to pick bigger battles like the human milk fortifier... but don't & won't give the vit D at home.
(Dumb doc knew I wasn't going to give them at home either, but insisted on doing them at the NICU, I stalled long enough with research and stuff to delay them by about 5 days though...

eta: We didn't do vit D supplements with dd either, and her dr. actually told us they weren't necessary. Mother nature doesn't screw up, I 100% believe bm is complete in every way regardless of where we evolved. And seems to me I've read that bm composition varies in different parts of the world. Would make sense, we know that moms of preemies make milk that differs from the milk made for full term babies...
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