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I have a little bit of a different perspective because my dd is 75% tube-fed and I have to give her something in liquid form besides water. I pumped for her for 13 months and still give her left-over bm from her brother, but for the most part she has to take formula. She takes Soy Pediatric Formula by Bright Beginnings (kind of like Pediasure). She is allergic (hives) or at least intolerant to all dairy products.

I wish I had other options for her but she can only take a small quantity of anything and I have to cram her calories into tiny volumes of liquid or purees. I use enriched soymilk when I cook purees for her and then she gets the soy formula for fluids 3x a day. I have not found any rice or almond based drinks that would be suitable for her needs. They actually just started making the pediatric soy formula (for children, not for babies obviously) and that has been a real blessing since dairy is out for her.

I do find it very worrisome that she gets so much soy. But in our case it is either she gets soy or she doesn't eat, so I guess I don't have much choice.
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