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We're vegan. Simon is 15 months old. He eats some soy products and loves soy shakes (So Good chocolate soy beverage, frozen berries and bananas), but I wouldn't give him a cup of soy beverage to drink. I just don't see the point. He's breastfeeding still and nothing beats that. He drinks a bit of water here and there and has a few sips of soy shake here and there. Nearly all of his liquid consumption continues to be from breastmilk. I'm planning to keep it this way for quite awhile. I think introducing what are essentially mama milk substitutes in sippy cups (or whatever) starts the weaning process. I often hear of moms who say their babies self-weaned at 12 months or something like that. I think that unless they are doing something like this, that must be incredibly rare.

Simon won't be drinking any cow's milk. We'll keep his soy intake moderate.
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