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do you have a memory box for your baby?

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what do you have in it?

for my dd, I have a huge box with EVERYTHING. letters, videos (ultrasounds) videos when she was a baby, pics of her birth, her first haircut, her umbilical cord, everything.

Now, I am making my ds's memory box... what's in yours?
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We have a keepsake box for all of our little ones. We keep teeth, our latest has the umbilical cord and clip, haircuts (for boys only), pictures, special outfits/shoes, special items from pregnancy to age six, outlines of the baby/child on large roll paper, books, toys, cards, some have cassettes of first words, newspapers from the day they were born, etc. etc. basically anything special that they would like to see and show their wife, kids, and grandkids later.
We have the story about how i found out i was pregnant , the labor, and pictures, poems i wrote or drew during pregnancy, cards we recieved, finger prints, first pictures he drew, basically first anything and my pregnancy journal. My mom kept everything until I was about 12 so i am kind of sentimental that way. Also it is really cool as an adult to take a walk down memory lane and have so many details.

Just my thoughts...
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: I barely keep the baby book. I don't know why. I think keeping a box is so wonderful.
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