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Do you know this book?

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DD, Johanna 19 mos, has a favorite book. I don't know the titile but it is made by, "silly spine books" It has a piece of plastic swiss cheese in the spine. I know the whole story by heart.
Aha said the mouse and what is this?
It looks and smells like my favorite dish....

Anyway, Johanna knows most of it by heart, too and can fill in the blanks when I stop. The heartbreaking part is that the book is missing. I think perhaps she dropped it out of the car but truthfully I have no idea. I have torn the house apart searching for it and can not locate on any search engine b/c I don't know the title.
Since yesterday Joahnna has been walking through the house yelling, "Mouse...cheese{where} are you?????" then she looks at me nods and says, "hidiing"

So please oh please if you know the title of this book please let me know so I can search for it.
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I'm a librarian and I did some poking around and had very little success.
The only thing I could find that pertains is this and that's not a whole lot to go by. I can't find anything about the publisher and assuming this is the book it appears to be out of print.
Good luck, I hope the beloved book pops out of hiding soon!
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Thank you for your help.

I have been trying to picture the book in my head and I think the title is, "cheese" I have no idea how old it is b/c I got it at a church rummage sale. I am trying to search on cheese now. Thanks so much for trying!!!
I found what looks like a copy of it listed for sale on Abebooks:

Hmm. It gives some more info about the publisher, isbn, etc. that might make it easier to track down...?
OMG!!! That's it!! Thank you thank you!!! *kisses your feet*
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Hooray on finding it! Now how the heck is it when I was looking into it on Abebooks (my post above) they showed no availability?
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I know what you mean b/c on my other chat board (I run one) another member did a smiliar search and came up with nothing, too. Very weird.
I dunno, I tried plugging various keywords into the search engine in different ways for a few minutes. If I did anything special, I can't guess what it was, sorry.
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