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do you line dry in the winter?

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Does it work or do the diapers freeze?

I'm finally able to hang my diapers outside and I don't want to stop in the winter!
If it's below freezing, will they dry or is it too cold? I notice my fuzzi bunz take longer to dry when the house is chilly and damp but they dry in less than 10 minutes sometimes out in the sun.
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It rains so much here in the winter, spring and fall that my line drying outside of summer is pretty scarce. I love line drying for all the laundry though. Everything smells so much better and I like the crunchy feel of line dried clothes. We use fuzzibunz too, and on a hot sunny day they dry sooo fast!
I hung mine up one day when it was just above 0 and within 1 hour, they were "unstained". I usually hung them up inside after sunning just to make sure they were dry since it's hard to tell when they are ice cold.
I use one of the wooden fold up hanger thingies and just dry them inside. Takes like half a day though.
I can't line dry outside so we just put one up in the basement..Takes almost the whole day to dry though but worth it imo
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well I normally line dry my fuzzi bunz indoors, just not the inserts or prefolds. But I'm liking the fresh smell/no stains/blinding white prefold&microfiber thing I've got going

I guess I'll try it, at least on mild days. Although it's really only a few weeks where it's really freezing cold.
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Well, I'm in New Jersey, and mine freeze
. But if I hang them out in the morning, they're pretty dry by 3pm (when the sun starts to set). I just fluff them in the dryer for a bit.

A winter tip- WEAR GLOVES. I nearly froze my fingers off putting them up.
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