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Do you love to exfoliate your body? Enter here:)

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I really like a good scrub down in the shower but I feel like my bath mitts are too harsh. I love using baking soda but I could go 1/2 a box per shower. Dry brushing is interesting but too harsh. And most of the products in stores are over priced jokes. I feel like I'm rubbing a handful of oil w/a sprinkle of salt/seeds/or whatever on me and i don't feel satisfied.

What do you love to use?
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It's sooooo easy to make your own! It can be as easy as brown sugar in olive oil with a little essential oil of your choice but you don't even need the EOs. Of course you can get as fancy as you like but this is a nice, easy one.
I agree. Super easy. I do this a few times a week. I use a base of either sea salts or brown sugar, olive oil, jojoba oil, a little glycerin, and an essential oil (usually jasmine). But all you really need is the salt or sugar and oil.
Cornmeal and honey! This is most dramatic on my face, but I just love how soft my skin is after a cornmeal and honey scrub. I take a handful of cornmeal, and enough honey to make a paste, and mix, and rub all over in the shower. It's great, and the cornmeal doesn't scratch.
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