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Do you make your own baby food?

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My son is only 4 months, and ofcourse, we haven't started solids yet, but probably in 2 months (when's he's 6 months) I'll see if he wants to try...
with my dd, she only ate home-made babyfood. I made it usually every 2 days, sometimes every couple days and freeze it, I made different types of food. I am looking forward to this now! I love making baby food! I don't follow any recipes from any book or anything (sometimes I did) but usually I just make it up... it tastes so yummy I ate some too sometimes!

How do you make your baby food? Do you make it every day?
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I don't buy jar foods. I make my own when I need to make it. Usually when my babies are sitting up themselves I put them in the highchair and let them experiment with cheerios, green peas, green beans and banana. I've never had a problem with food allergies, so I don't wait in between. But, I have done my homemade apple sauce and peaches and pears before, and freeze them. I've heard people freezing them in ice cube trays. I frooze mine in just little containers. Once my babies are older and want to try more foods, I just grind up the food we are having or smash it small with a fork, and offer it that way. That way they learn to like our food with all the spices and seasonings. It's better that way. My SIL had one of those food grinder things, and would put a little of everything in it (that was for that meal) and smash it together. Her children loved it!! She would take it anyway, and I have even seen her grind up some taco from Taco Bell. LOL!!
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I don't buy jarred either. I guess I've never trusted it for some reason.
I freeze my food the cube trays! it is SO convenient an easy to thaw!
I plan to make my own as soon as DD is ready... and she's showing signs of readiness!
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I made a bunch of baby food for Owen who is 8 months old and he wouldn't touch it!! But scarfed down a jar of Earth's Best 2 seconds later. Sheesh. I will try again was really fun to make!
I plan to and I can't wait!!!!!
I've even got peas growing in the garden so he can try them this fall.
I do. I cook up batches and freeze it. I probably do it every 2 weeks or so. Today I've made up a batch of carrots, turkey and millet/lentil cereal and am about to freeze it.

I do it mainly cause I like pure, healthy foods - I can make up kale, brussel sprouts, dried apricots etc - you can't buy those prepared anyhow. And I'm really cheap and hate to pay for prepared foods.
I made mine primarily for the reason that you can't buy raw baby food. All the comercial baby foods have the bejezuz cooked out of them.
We started solids after 8 months and I made raw organic apple, pear, blueberry, avacado, carrot and mango puree. By 9 months she was ready for finger foods, so the kitchen projects didnt last long.
I second the ice cube tray idea, works great!
We've just started solids (and by we, i mean my dp and i, our ds was swiping our food and eating it whenever our backs were turned since he was four mo old), and we're making our own food. I am not a big cook, but i think making baby food is great fun. its so simple and the ice cube tray thing works great. so far we've had hommade rice cereal, apples, pears, avacados, bananas, peaches, and of course yogurt. our ds is a big fan of eating and will go after anything on a spoon.
I cut up an assortment of vegetables (usually carrots, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes) add garlic and onions, a smidgen of lentils or brown rice, and boil it till the cows come home (actually, until they're all soft).

Then I puree them in the blender. Voila!

i've been making my own baby food, the stuff in the jars tastes gross and is wicked expensive. even the Earth's Best applesauce doesn't taste very good. it's super easy, in the beginning i used a little mini grinder but now he can handle lots of texture and i just fork mash or cut it up really small. I freeze lentils/sweetpotatos/applesauce in ice cubes and keep on hand at all times.

a friend fed her baby only jarred foods (never even mashed up a banana for him) and he had a terrible time with textured foods. IMO because he never had anything that wasn't sieved to death.

ds Keiran 10/12/03

Originally Posted by grnmtnmama

a friend fed her baby only jarred foods (never even mashed up a banana for him) and he had a terrible time with textured foods. IMO because he never had anything that wasn't sieved to death.

I agree. I have never fed my babies any jarred food but it's clear that it has no texture at all. I don't know why some people prefer jarred, since it's SO MUCH FUN to make babyfood!
i made all my own food with my oldest and will with ezra when it's time. I would freeze the food in icecube trays! I personally loved making it to!

I tried making my own baby food with #1, but it was too much trouble and she never wanted to eat anything I wasn't eating.
I ended up just feeding her whatever I was eating, mushed up with a fork first. No extra meal to prepare, baby ate with the rest of us, whatever we were eating.
I plan to do the same with #2, as soon as she's ready for solids.
Hi Carmen!

I make Eben's food. I agree - it's fun! He loves it too, and I'm thrilled that he's not consuming excesses of sugar, preservatives, and fillers that can be found in jarred food. I don't use any special recipes. I either bake or steam all his fruits and veggies. There's not much good organic stuff at our local grocery stores, so about once/month I go to Whole Foods in Shadyside, buy a ton of stuff, and make a huge batch of food and freeze it. His faves are apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches, and pears. I'd like to introduce a few more veggies...maybe some green ones...but I'm not sure how that will go. He's tending towards naturally sweet foods, and I'm afraid once I introduce things with such contrasting flavors he's going to be weirded out and not want them. I do eat his stuff too. The last time I made a batch, I combined apples and carrots and they were soooooo yummy.

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I never made any baby food. I'll chop a bit of something up or mush it before I offer it to DD, but mostly she does that on her own, I just watch to make sure she's not manufacturing choke-sized bites. She'd rather, for example, hold her own piece of banana, and anything on a spoon had better stick to it because she wants to hold it herself.

We make a lot of mess when she eats, but she, her clothes, and the eating surfaces are all washable, so who cares? If I'm trying not to be messy, I offer her fingerfuls of mushy stuff. Like at lunch today she got guacamole and refried beans off my finger while I ate nachos. Then she wiped her face on the leg of my jeans, so there was no mess on the carpet.

I figure, I like very little mushy jarred/canned food, why would DD? Plus, I'm cheap and lazy, it's easier to just feed her bits of my own meal at this point.
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I have a mini-food processor that holds about 3 cups or so (it's very small). I use it to puree bananas, mango, etc for Holden. The only jarred babyfood he'll eat is Dutch Apple, the others he spits out. After reading the ingredients I don't blame him. Bleh.

I'll also mash up table foods with my fork and feed them to him. He also loves avocado. I just cut it in half, lose the seed, and scrape the inside with a spoon.
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