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How often do you change baby?

  • I change the baby the same while out.

    Votes: 27 23.9%
  • I change the baby more when out.

    Votes: 3 2.7%
  • I change less when out.

    Votes: 83 73.5%

Do you... ( now you have to tell the truth)

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I got to thinking about this the other day.
When we are at home, I almost always change Adriana like every hour, hour and a half at most.

When we go out, I always try to put at least 5 diapers in the diaper bag.

Well, I noticed the other day, we were gone for 8 hours.... and I had only used 2 diapers!

I don't know why, I am normally great about changing her, etc... but I just realized how awfully I 'ignore/neglect' my poor baby while we are out.

So, admit do any of you do the same thing?
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I admit it, I change less often when out.
: However, I always try to put DS in an HH or a Stork Savers so that he only has dry fleece touching him and can go a little longer. At home, I try to change every 1-1 1/2 hours, as needed and when out it is usually more like 2 1/2 hours. But, his bum is always dry.
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I hate to admit it, but I do the same thing. When we are out I change every three to four hours(unless there is poop). There has only been once or twice that he is soaked though, Sam tends to save it up, and pee all at once. I find that it mostly has to do with convenient places to change him. It's hard to find a clean place to change him...
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I change my baby less often when we're out...yikes.
Yes, I change Gunnar less often when we are out. But I usually put him in his night time diaper gear, which he wears for 9-12 hours overnight. I figure if it is good for overnight, it will be god for our outings.

I probably change him about every 3-4 hours while we are out, unless he stinks or leaks sooner than that! :LOL
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I had a doubler topped with fleece to make the diapers "last" a bitl onger (it is not everywhere you can change the baby when out...)
I voted that I change less when out.
Here's something funny; Ivy and I were out and about today, for 3 hours! I decided to come home instead of finishing my errands, because I figured she needed a diaper change. That child had not peed ONCE! She was dry as a bone.
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Yep me too. I use HH with the stuffins when I go out so that he doesnt feel wet and it will absorb more. I take lots with me but I forget for some reason until like 4 hours later
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I change less while out because ds goes coverless at home and gets changed when wet. Sometimes this means 2 dipes in 1/2 hr and sometimes it means 1 dipe in 3 hrs depending on pee frequency. Obviously he can't go coverless when we're out so I use HHs or fleece-lined AIOs checking every now and then. We're rarely out for more than 3-4 hrs. at a time.
I change less often when I'm out. But if I know that I'm going to be out more than an hour or so, I use disposables. I wish I could use cloth more when I'm running around, but no matter what I try Conor manages to soak thru or spring a leak after only an hour.

Then only times I've managed to keep Conor dry in cloth when we're out was when I used a wool cover over a homemade fleece fitted.

I don't like having his bum in a urine-soaked diaper at all, and I know that even if the wool covers don't leak he's still sitting in the pee. (This is the same reason I don't like using cloth at night)
I'd rather he had a few hours in a sposie than have to sit in a cloth dipe...which is going to leak anyways.

But even in the sposies, I change him every couple of hours while out. I just can't stand the smell of pee in a disposalbe dipe!
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I change my dd less when out because the whole bathroom thing totally grosses me out!! I have seen more changing tables w/ poop on them ewww!!!! Why can't people just clean up after themselves???
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I have to change Jack as much out as at home because if I didn't, he would pee through everything!
He's a super-soaker and it's all I can do to keep his pee contained.
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I change less often when out. I use a nighttime system so DS will be more comfy and a liner so he's dry. Weird since I end up taking my preschooler to the bathroom every hour! I also think changing tables/areas in public are just ewwwww! I only change him on the car in my lap. That's getting tough though!
I am a weirdo - I almost *never* change Cole when we're out. I try not to be out for longer than 2 hours or so - we stop back at home fairly frequently for a snack, a diaper change, whatever. I take a diaper along for emergencies, like if he poops or something but he almost never poops when we're out.

Although, last week we were at storytime and he did poop, just as we were about to leave. I actually debated just changing him when we got home, but I couldn't bear to leave him sitting in the poop all the way home, so we went into the ladies room and I put him up on the table and started taking his pants off and he FREAKED out! Not your usual indignant "I'm not going to put up with this" kind of freakout, but a "Hey, this isn't cool, I'm really upset" freakout.
He didn't see that coming at all. Luckily a few bars of the pony song from the Wiggles calmed him down so I could finish up quick and get him out of there.
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If we are in cloth when we go out I change Cole less...if we are going to be out for a long time, I use a disposable.

Jen...that's so weird... I was out with my Cole the other day and he pooped. So I took him into the bathroom at Barnes & Noble to change his dipe and he totally freaked out too!!! I mean screaming, tears the works! I think it was the loud flushes that freaked him out! I actually had to take him out and finish dressing him in the store! Poor little guy
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i voted for "change the same". Eliza gets changed every 2 hours, just about. i am a schedule/clock watching kind of mom, and i watch the clock when out, too - not to mention that i never want to let an opportunity for a little CD advocacy pass me by!

p.s. you aren't ignoring or neglecting adriana when you are out, jodi! please! if she was unhappy, she would let you know.
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I voted for the same amount, and sometimes I even change her sooner than she needs it just so I show people her cute diapers. I feel like the more people who see adorable cloth diapers, the more converts I can make

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Andrea, it must be a Cole thing.
Or maybe there is just something inherently disturbing about bookstore bathrooms.
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I voted change less. We change Lila about every 3 hours (she's a very light peer and has never leaked). But it's not much less really. I guess I counted the time it takes to think about it and the time it takes to find a place to change her.

If we're going to be out for more than 1 diaper change we use a disposable.
I was just thinking about this today! I change less often while out.
I never have a leak problem, though I hate to think of DD sitting in a wet diaper, but she pees constantly . . .I could change her every 20-40 minutes at home if I changed as soon as she wet, so it's just impossible to go out and change her that often. I always use fleece liners, but no matter what cover/diaper I use, she is always a little red after 2 hours in a diaper while out.
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