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Do you put non organic items in your compost?

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I'm just wondering if you put non organic things in your compost pile, things like non organic veggies and such? I'm also wondering about manure? I have access to some manure from a neighbor, but I'm concerned about the pesticides and such from the grass and corn that the animals ate? Is this typically a concern??

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yes. We buy alot of produce organically - but some we do not. Anything that can be composted is.
I compost non-organic veggie scraps, etc. I figure it's better than throwing them away, and I figure the amount of pesticide residues will probably be very little and that they'll break down over time.
Yes. Plus stuff like torn up thin cardboard (toilet paper rolls, etc) and other unbleached paper products.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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