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Do you send your child with a towel?

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Ok so my boys just got a new slip and slide for their bdays! Very cool. I do not mind all the kids now flocking to my house when the bus deplanes. BUT why do these parents not send towels? This is not the Hilton Resort!!!
: I provide lemonade, ice pops and fun WHY must I also provide the towels?

Is it mean that I DON'T give them towels???? I tell my ds that if he wants he can share his towel but I can't give them out! Only one child has brought a towel here and it is starting to piss me off!
Should I send them home for one, they only live down the block?
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I'd send them home for one. I think if I knew my kids were going to be getting wet in the neighbors yard I'd either send them with a towel or expect them to air dry. I wouldn't expect you to give them one.
I never send my kids without a towel. I mean I understand that ppl forget but this has been going on for over a week now, you can't possibly forget every day right?
No, they are being inconsiderate. Send them home next time and hopefully the parents will get the idea.
Not only would I send them with a towel but if I knew you were doing the lemondade/ice pop thing I would be sending you money towards it or making something for mine to bring to repay the kindness

What a great neighborhood house it sounds like you have
Thank you. See my philoposhy is that I want my kids where I can see them. SOOO if my house is fun and good they will come...... you know if you build it they will come
: I would rather have my kids here and keep everyone happy then send them to someone elses house, kwim? Plus it makes my kids happy and proud when they can hand out the pops and pour the lemonade!
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what a sweet mama you are
i'd def. send my dd with a towel, and i'd send her with some money in an envelope and some snacks or drinks. she'd be lucky to have a neighborhood mama like you whose house she could play at.
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my fluffy towels and wouldn't give one to a neighbouring kid. Yup, send 'em home for a towel.

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Originally Posted by SoccerMom
See my philoposhy is that I want my kids where I can see them. SOOO if my house is fun and good they will come...... you know if you build it they will come
: I would rather have my kids here and keep everyone happy then send them to someone elses house, kwim? Plus it makes my kids happy and proud when they can hand out the pops and pour the lemonade!

I feel the same way. We are always the ones to invite dd's friends here. I don't mind (too much anyway) that the favor usually isn't reciprocated. I'm hoping we can keep this up throughout her childhood so that we always know who her friends are.

I definitely don't think you should provide towels....absolutely not. If they are in the neighborhood then they can go home if they want a towel. Are they asking for towels? If so, maybe remind them to go home and get a towel before they get wet. Dd's friend across the street had a slip-n-slide for a while. I didn't send a towel with her because I knew that it would either get lost or destroyed, but if she needed one then she would come home for one. I did pitch-in and bought popsicles for them. I don't think it's right for parents to let their children take advantage of other parents' niceness without reciprocating something to show their appreciation. I would never accept money though.
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Maybe they expect you to send them home for a towel? I know I did when Krysten went to play across the street in a friends pool. I don't want her taking my nice towels outside so I figured she'd just come home and I'd give her a towel (DH and I were out in the garage and I had one all ready for her) but she came home in one of their towels. I wrapped her in our towel and had her take theirs back immediately.
We have a slip n slide. I do not provide towels.
we have one too in the front, i would lmao if a kid asked me for a towel they all know to run home if they want something like that but then I have four kids and can't picture setting myself up for an extra load of laundry
I'd definately send a towel. My kids have their own beach towels. In the summer, they're rarely washed...they get hung on the line to dry and reused the next day.
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instead of getting mad about it why not just ask the kids when she show up if they remembered their towel and if they didn't nicely suggest they run home a get it?

I'd give out towels no problem but I wouldn't let them take them home.
I would bet that the kids see the slip'n'slide, run in to their home, change into their bathing suit, hollar to their parents where they're going, and run out without thinking about the towel.

Just send them home for one before they get wet. No biggee.

I'm on the flip side of this. Our neighbour has a slip n slide and provides snacks. I wish she wouldn't, as they are always kool aid and dry cocoa puff cereal kinds of snacks. I send healthy snacks over with my kids for everyone -- nobody wants them and they get wasted. She gives my kids sugary junk all the time. It's very generous of her, but I just don't want that. I try to keep the kids around here, but I'm pg and tired, we can't afford a ton of fun toys, and if I don't give treats like popsicles or candy, the little boy runs home to get some.
I'm already feeling overwhelmed and missing my kids with this one boy, what will happen when school is over!
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We have a pool in our yard, so have some of the same issues, though I regulate when its used by neighbor kids and frequently parents come too. I have a huge pile of older towels that everyone grabs, though I don't allow them to go home with people. It just one more load of laundry. But, if you don't want to provide towels, then I think its perfectly acceptable to say "if you are going to want a towel when you are done, better run home and get it now", assuming that everyone lives really close by.
I do think that from now on I will just say when they show up, why don't you run home and get a towel. I just don't want to do more laundry, and because they use them, then throw them on the lawn and they get grassy and dirt they have to be washed. 5 extra towels is another load, kwim? I feel like Scrooge but I do think I am going to nicely say they should go and get one. And yes they do ask for one, which boggles my mind, I tell them sorry but maybe ds can share, I can't give towels to the whole neighborhood. They must think I am super mean for that but well I just don't want to lend out all my towels.

Brisen, I try hard not to give out crap. I make very weak lemonade and just regular ice pops. I would never give out candy and such, I think that would be a) expensive and b) innapproriate for kids who are not allowed that stuff. When we have kids over we usually have pirates booty, goldfish, cheese sticks, pretzels or fruit. All the kids I give ice pops too eat far worse things at their own houses and I would never give it to a child whose parent was against it. I HATE Koolaid and would never even have that in my house. I do think it is wrong to feed a child something you know they are not allowed to have, I don't blame you for being upset.
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I think you are nice to do all that, and I don't think you are mean to send them home for a towel. I only provide water at our house unless it is our next door neighbor. I want my house to be a fun place to play so ds will play here, but I used to feel taken advantage of when the kids all expect snacks and extra stuff. We don't have a ton of money so I can't afford to feed the neighborhood.
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