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Do you think I paid too much?

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I won this on eBay.
I thought I did well, considering how hard it is to get Flufflymail dipes new.

What do you think?
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I think that's a pretty good price. Nice score!!!
looks like a good deal to me! eak (eating at keyboard - again)
I think you did great! What is that, 9 dipes for $73?? And fluffymail included? The least expensive fitteds I've seen are around $9 each - that's the way I figured it. I would be happy...
I think that is AWSOME!!! That is only a little over $9 a diaper -- and they are in excellent condition!!!! AND no shipping!

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Great deal!! I would have happily paid that for what you got.
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ok, good!

I thought so but was feeling guilty since we are kinda broke right now.
This pretty much rounds out my nb stash!
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yes, that's a great price! And you'll be able to get all your money back when babe outgrows them!!
Super Deal mama!! Way to go
And those are just pg hormones talking
Ignore them and enjoy your fluff!!
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Oh yes! Way to go! Oh how I wish I could CD a newborn

(starting Cd'ing when my son was 4 months old).......
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Wow! Good deal!
you did good! you're going to love those little caboose dipes!
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