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Originally Posted by morebabies
...I also saw that there were places to e-mail the Dixie chicks telling them to bf. ...I would write TV shows asking them to have mothers bfing or write wal mart and tell them to make a nice place for bfing moms to sit, but writing someone like Natalie Maines and telling her it would be great if she bfs seems kind of intrusive. What do you think?
I think it comes off as worse than intrusive, it comes off as creepy. It's one thing to encourage women as a group to breastfeed, it's quite another to approach an indivdual woman and tell her what you think she should be doing with her breasts.

Plus, not all celebrity breastfeeders are "good" publicity. Lisa Kudrow made a public comment about how much she hated breastfeeding.
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