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do you think sugarbums run large?

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I recently bought one med and one large on TP and the med definitely fits better. I guess dc is really trimming down because he used to be squarely in the Large category, and now he's very borderline.

I wish those sugarbums were a wee bit more quick drying.
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I have a nb fitted and I think they are sooo tiny! Maybe the other sizes are different. I wish she would open again soon.
Well I think it is a little of both, I have mediums and larges here, the larges fit Jett (9 months) the best, but the mediums fit Joe (2 1/2 years) the best, basically because Jett has those really squishy round baby thighs and belly where if a diaper is tight in the slightest he ends up with red marks (any diaper, even a prefold snappi'd too tight) so the large do well, they stay up but are really stretchy and big enough to accomadate mondo thighs. Joe however is 2 1/2 years old, his baby chub is now toddler muscle and firm and smooth and has thinned down a lot, while they are the same 'size' his is firm and not squishy (am I explaining this right? LOL) so the mediums are a trimmer fit and work perfectly slightly snugger to keep them from getting baby butt crack when he is running around here! LOL

So I think the larges do run bigger but they will last forever and ever, when she opens again (which I am waiting for too!) you could ask for a large with an extra snap set (which is what I did, and what my larges have).
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I had a medium long fleece AIO for Ben that he wore right before he potty learned. He was around 34lbs when he wore it.
Marnie - this is JUST what I'm experiencing - the toddler is trimming down so the medium is nice and trim and low-cut, but he only has one row of snaps left to go.
Marnie How's Jett?

Dd was growing out of her dipes like crazy and when I tried a couple SBs I noticed that I was going arooooooooooooound the dipe to snap it. I thought well., she'd wear this for a while. It was a relief.
We have mediums and dd is 7 1/2 mos.
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LOL. We have the opposite problem in our house. I don't have a large to compare my medium to but I think the mediums run small or true to size. I bought my medium on TP a few weeks ago and I just relisted it because Astrid was on the last snaps from the moment we got it. Astrid is far from the trimming down stage though. She's 10 months, 22 lbs, and has 12" thighs. It's too bad. I really love the green, swirly woven outer. Oh well...
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