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Do you think this crib is safe?

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Okay, so I've been on the hunt for the basics- crib, changing table, rocker, and I found this one at ikea. The problem is, it's SO cheap ($60), that now I'm scared it isn't safe. What do you all think?
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I don't have any experience with this particular crib, but I do own quite a bit of Ikea furniture, and it's all good quality. Somehow I don't think they would make a crib that didn't meet all the safety standards....that's just setting themselves up for a lawsuit
Do you have a store nearby...and if so, see if they have the crib set up so you can knock it around a bit and see how sturdy it is.....
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Looks good to me, nice and basic, so they could probably keep the cost down without getting too fancy. You'll probably spend more on the mattress!! LOL.

- Krista
I read a comsumer safety thing a couple of years ago on cribs & the Ikea cribs were actually top rated for safety! The whole point of the article was that more $ does not neccesarily= safer crib. I know that's a couple of years old now, but Ikea does have a good rep for high quality products. HTH!
I have to agree w/ pps Ikea stuff is always good. If you aren't near a store though, shipping can be high.
The only thing I can say by looking at the picture is this it doesn't look like the side drops down, which will be hard when the mattress needs to be dropped but you still rock/nurse babe to sleep.

And, with only 2 height adjustments on the mattress, that seems pretty inconvenient. With ds's crib, there are 3 or 4 height adjustments and we've used everyone of them.

Other than that, I agree with the pp. I'm sure that it meets all safety standards, maybe just lacks the little extras I mentioned above. But, all that's relative if you don't plan on using it much or for very long. At almost 3, ds still uses his nightly and without the sdrop-down side and extra height adjustments, it would be difficult to use.
If you're looking at ordering online, check the shipping. I found a cute crib there for like $100 but it was going to cost more than that to ship it so we opted not to order that one!
Thanks ladies... I forgot about the lowering the side thing and the shipping. Back to the drawing board...
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