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Do you use different dipes for different clothes

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I only use pockets or lay in soakers for jeans (the denim is thick enough that I want it as trim as possible). I tend to use soakers only with dresses or overalls (looser in the butt) or when we are at home. It will change as it gets warmer and we can do the t-shirt and soaker thing.
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Right now DS LIVES in fleece diaper shorts from a great WAHM. She had a skirt/short combo I loved if I had a girl. I have many pairs and they are his clothes. However when I want to dress him in shorts other than those I reach for my Celestial snuggles or fleece. Soaker shorts and a t is also a great combo--except my friend's son calls them girl pants, LOL.
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We definately choose certain diapers for certain occasions. When we go out and she's wearing pants/shorts, I choose a trim PUL AIO, or a PUL cover with prefold. If she's in a dress, I usually use a fleece AIO or cover.
Definately. If she is wearing pants (rare) I put her in the trimmest I have, which would be like a firefly or bottombumper and a FuzEasy or one of her trim soakers...Kool Sheep or tinker from ebay. Otherwise its whatever I'm in the mood for. She is mostly in a little tshirt and whatever diaper I feel like.
His usual outfit is wool and a tshirt but on the occasion we actually want to dress him :LOL he'll wear trimmer wool or the one AIO he has.
Definitely, when DS was smaller, I knew that dipe A went best under close-fitting clothes, dipe B was only to be worn w/no clothes, etc.

But now that he's bigger, it's not as much of a concern.
99.9% of the time girlie is in a dress lately.... she likes em and it makes my life easy

So she wears anything under a dress, doesn't matter how bulky! I prefer fitteds with wool soakers
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Yes! At home Braedon wears fitteds usually with no cover or a soaker. When we go out its either my SP's (trimmest) or prefolds with a Bummis Wrap or trim AIO's!
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Yup....I make sure I put her in the prettiest show-off cloth when she wears a short sundress, so the wolrd can see how cute it is.

When she wears jeans (hardly ever) I put her in a very trim PUL AIO. Otherwise, I would never find jeans to fit her buddha belly!
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Im the same way, we never put soakers under anything, they are worn as is, mostly because I cant bare the thought of covering them up! But going by fit, we do pockets or prefolds with a 1 layer PUL cover under tight things or now a FB. I have a few fleece covers and really dont enjoy them too much on my ds, because they are so fat and thick, I dont ever cover these up ether, and that works for us now that its summer, but this winter I think Ill have to get rid of them, because they make his butt way too big and dont fit under clothes.
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