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Do you wake up baby to eat?

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Just wondering...

I know they say to have baby eat 8-12 times a day, and mine does, but she goes to bed about 10-11 wakes up at about 3-4, and then later on which is when I take her into bed and let her suck while I sleep.

She is gaining weight so I am not too concerned about that, just should I be waking up to wake her up and feed her? Should I fully wake up to feed her?
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My pedi np says let her sleep,as long as shes gaining weight.livi will go 4-5 hrs 6 at night and than cluster feed. shes 6 wks and abt 12#.
i woke up my first ds to eat and found that he would just fall back asleep without really eating much at all, so with ds number two i let him wake me up. i think that's fine unless your baby has serious growth issues.
i always let elaina sleep. its precious time!
My theory is with a healthy, gaining baby- never never never wake a baby!

Nope...Gavin is gaining weight just fine, so if he wants to nap, who am I to argue!
We woke my first during the day so he wouldn't ruin his nighttime sleeping, but Gavin happily sleeps through day and night regardless.
Actually I have tried to wake him to eat before when engorged...but it's impossible. There was no point, he just went immediately back to sleep on the boob.
I let B sleep too. Unless I am engorged, then I can get her to latch on...fortunately, she will eat in her sleep.
And pull right off when done. No harm, no foul. Mama's boob feels better, and baby gets a midnight snack.
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She wakes up when she's hungry.
She's happy, healthy and growing strong, so I don't worry about it.
Her tummy knows better than me.
When mine was newborn, I woke her every 2 hours during the day to eat and let her sleep all she wanted at night. It worked well for us.
I woke my dd up until she gained her birth weight back, but I think I may rethink my theory for babe #2 and sleep when I can :yawning:
My 2 week old sleeps for a 4 hour stretch at night (hallellujah!!!) I don't wake him. He is growing so fast and nurses like a pro.
At night let em' sleep as much as they will. During the day I had to wake my dd up ever 2 hours b/c she had her days and nights mixed up.
What sarah bella said
My little man STILL has his days and nights mixed at 10 weeks. So I wake him every two hours during the day and let him sleep all he wants at night. He usually goes a couple four hour stretches or one six hour and some two hour ones.

Course he's like 14.5 lbs at 10 weeks... which is 7.5 lbs up from his lowest point
I'm not too worried about his weight gain
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I was about to write that I NEVER wake a baby sleeping at night, because they wake just fine by themselves when hungry. But then I remembered about a month ago when I woke up with one breast painfully full. I tried over and over to wake ds to nurse. He was totally uninterested in anything but sleeping but I was so sore and didn't want to get out of bed to express. He eventually took the edge off.
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