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do you wash your dipes seperately ?(from each other)

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i am having major fuzz on my dipes - on the fb's i get lint everywhere and on my fleece i get piling and lint..its driving me nuts.
i have a stash of mostly fb's, hh's some hemp fitteds, fleece aio;s and cotton aio's..
i wash them all together..should i seperate the dipes to stop it?

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I think that depends on how much free time you have. I have lint on everything since I stopped using my dryer, but I run 2 loads of laundry every day but Sunday as it is. We live with lint on the towels, and we do not die. Ocassionally, I pick lint off ds' tallywhacker, too. TMI?
thanks! i wanted to add that i dont wash anything "waterproof" in the dryer , i guess if i did that would take some of the lint off? but i have 3 grannys ark fleece aios that are covered in lint..i dont mind it so much even on the inside but when its covering the outside its not that cute to look at YKWIM?

Hmm, ok. Some mamas use tape to get that off. I have been known to use a clothes brush on things that have a more lint than I want to be seen in public with :LOL.

I also have to confess to drying new hemp fleece in the dryer for the first few times.
I find that when I don't dry my hemp fleece diapers in the dryer they are stiff and almost scratchy feeling. If you don't dry them in the dryer, do you just deal with the stiff feeling. I don't think it would be very comfy for baby.
I am slow, all my hemp fleece is new! I have been drying it to ward off lint. Will I need to continue to do so? I had been just throwing the dipes in to fluff for awhile after line drying.
I wash all dipes together.
My stash is mainly SOS fitteds, Bummis SIWW & Honeyboys.
The Honeyboys do have some lint from the hemp fleece inners of the SOS, but I only use the Honeyboys as overnite dipes so nobody sees 'em anyway.
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I think I missed something somewhere - are we not supposed to dry hemp fleece in the dryer?
I've been drying my hemp fleece things in the dryer (on hot, even, sometimes!) and haven't had any problems.
: Anyway, to the OP - I do just wash everything together (well, except for my wool covers...) and I dry all the dipes and AIOs in the dryer, too. I haven't had any problems with lint up to this point, but I'm still really new at all of this. I've been at it for about a week now. So I'll watch for that! I hang my covers to dry, but we'll see how that works for me as the weather starts to change. Line drying in Seattle... not always a good idea, kwim? :LOL
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I hate linting on fleece, so I wash my pocket diapers and fleece liners separately from my hemp/cotton things...
Originally posted by mom2katie
are we not supposed to dry hemp fleece in the dryer?
I think it's okay to dry them in the dryer. I do. I just think that some people have a preference to line drying. I also wash and dry everything together, including AIO's. I live in an apartment, and have to pay to wash and dry, so line-drying and then throwing back in the dryer for a few minutes of fluff-up time wouldn't work. I also can't afford to wash everything seperately, but everything gets clean just fine. I've had no problems with lint and the only problem I've really had is that my fleece has piled a lot. Not a big deal to me.
i wash everything together (dd's clothes with dipes, too). the only one that is a problem is a windproo AIO i have - it gets all sorts of lint on it. i think i just won't buy one of those again, even though i like it a lot

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