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Do you wear your sling?

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I mean like all of the time, baby or not? I have a new native that some days I don't take off till the end of the day. Lucky for me I got a nutural color that goes with anything. Sometimes when we are out and he is not in it for what ever reason, I wonder if people think its some sort of sash or something, lol. We went to a kids concert on Saturday, and Daddy held him while I took the girls potty and I just wondered what people thought (when dd2 wasn't in it). Its just so easy to wear it. Even though the ring sling I have is more verstile and adjustable, I cant wear it because the rings pull it around, but I would wear that to if I could! Anyone else?
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I just suggested that exact thing to my husband the other day, but he wouldn't do it! He thought it would be strange to wear it without him in it. Personally, I most likely will....easier than carrying it around!
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i do, lol!! We actually have a lot of Africans (as in from Africa, not Americans who happen to have black/brown skin) in town, some of whom also wear what i assume is "traditional" clothing, and oftentimes a sash.....i am a pasty-white blue-eyed blonde, and i have gotten weird looks and been questioned about it!! It is just easier, lol!
I used to do it all the time. Often useing the sling to carry packages into the post office or stuff out of the car as well. They are super handy! I figured as long as I have it on why take it all the way off just put put it on again?
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