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Do you wipe every time you change your child?

  • Yes, I wipe each and every time

    Votes: 45 33.3%
  • No, I only wipe poo

    Votes: 49 36.3%
  • Depends... (please elaborate!)

    Votes: 41 30.4%

Do you wipe your babe at every change?

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The wipe post has me wondering...
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I only wipe poo. For a while I tried wiping with every change but it made him too wet and he got rashy, so I switched back to just when poo-y.
I voted 'Yes, I wipe every time'. I am a excessive butt wiper. :LOL I use 2 or sometimes 3 wipes for peeps and a small mountain for poops. You should have seen the amount of disposable wipes I used to go through with my oldest DD. It was disgraceful.
Always the oddball, I picked depends. I wipe with poos but also first thing in the morning, before nap time and before bedtime if he isn't fresh from the bath.

ETA after naps too.
I'm pretty much poop-only, but DH does it each and every time. I will blot her dry if I see any wetness, though.
I picked depends too. I try and wipe every time but don't stress out if he's wiggling too much and just can't get it done. I do wipe him after naps and waking up and of course poopys.
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Wow! I can't believe I'm not the only one who doesn't wipe every single time. I thought I was just lazy
I hate having to refill the wipe warmer, so I try to conserve a little. I always wipe poo, but if dd doesn't look dirty at all, sometimes I just skip it. Now I don't feel like such a bad mommy. But, if dh saw me skip it, he would definitely have a problem with it and think it was disgusting

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I have always, even when we used disposables, wiped all my kids with each dipe change. I feel I wipe even with pees so why would I not do the same for my children who actually sit in the waste.
I chose yes, each time, but I probably should have chosen depends. I wipe almost every time. If we're out and about and I'm changing a not very wet diaper I don't wipe, but otherwise I wipe her. I wipe her whenever she goes in her potty so I don't see why I wouldn't wipe her when she goes in her dipe. JMHO.
Originally posted by reeseccup
I have always, even when we used disposables, wiped all my kids with each dipe change. I feel I wipe even with pees so why would I not do the same for my children who actually sit in the waste.
me too! me too!
As a newborn I only wiped poops, but when her pee started smelling like pee and getting stronger (around 12 mos. probalby) I wiped every time, or else she'd get a small rash.

I chose depends. I really try to wipe at every change...but sometimes I forget to wet them down if its just pee and not to wet then I won't bother to stop and get the wipes...but otherwise I do

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I'm glad this was posted, because I was wondering about it myself. I've seen lots of people not wipe when there wasn't poop, but I never did it myself, except when out of wipes outside home.
She is very prone to rashes, so I put lots of water on a wipe and dab very gently ( dh thinks it doesn't clean at all, but he's the scrubbing type
: ) and let her air dry.
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I picked it depends. During the regular old day I only wipe for poo, but I do also wipe him down if his diaper was particularly soaked, after a nap and in the morning.
Have you ever run out of TP and not wiped especially more than once - it gets a wee bit uncomfortable down there. Yes absolutely I wipe my daughter every time. My son usually, but sometimes I am too lazy if the wipes are in another room.
I put depends.... if my ds has on a fleece lined diaper (Ella's or FB or HH) and he just pee'd and I am in a hurry, I might not wipe.... but normally, I wipe pretty much every time.... I always wipe for non-fleece lined diapers, even if it is just pee. This actually just became an issue within the last week or two since up until recently, he almost always had BF poo in every diaper.... at least skid marks from passing gas.... but lately he is actually having diapers that are pee only.... it is kinda strange.

What is even stranger is the EXPLOSIVE HUGE poop diapers he is having..... I have never seen diapers as full of poo that he has been having this last week -- he has gone to only pooping once or twice a day, but when they come, oh my, they are HUGE and some of our diapers just don't stand a chance of containing them. The best diapers for containment so far has been our Fuzi Bunz and our Ella's diapers. Our Happy Heineys don't stand a chance and some of our fitteds are also too loose at the thigh for containment. Isn't it strange how as his patterns change, different diapers work better or worse all the sudden?!
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DS loves to giggle when that warm cloth wipe (from our warmer) tickles his butt! So of course, we wipe everytime!
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I guess I could vote too, eh? lol I chose "depends." I wipe if it's after the nighttime dipe, or during the day every once in a while.

I don't think not wiping a baby in a diaper is the same as us not wiping though.
: As adults, there are lots of other things to contend w/ "down there" that babies just don't have to deal w/ iykwim. We may wipe every time, but we are not actually cleaning anything, just wiping off moisture. Actually, the more I think about it, it seems ickier for an adult to not wipe w/ a wet wipe than it does for a baby! Oh geez, I think I'm overanalyzing again...
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