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Do your other kids know yet?

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Since we had lots of family discussions while trying to decide if we were going to have another, we told the kids right away when we found out I'm pregnant. Well, actually, Ayla was talking about her new baby sister before we told her. "Mom, me and Mason have decided that we're going to name my new baby sister Sparkle."
Too cute.

Anyway, she is so excited she can hardly stand it. She keeps asking me, "Is it April yet?" I've been explaining to her all the things that come first, before baby to try to give her an idea of how long it will take, but I don't think it's sunk in yet. I think the kids are going to love it when I start getting a big bump that they can love on.

Mason talks about mommy having a baby in her tummy, but I think it's still a bit abstract for him too. I can't wait to see them as big brother and big sister again.
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Ari knows. We have let her look at a book with pictures of babies in utero and she can show you with her fingers how big the baby is (actually, she can't get any smaller than 1/2 inch, but close enough). We have also shown her a few pictures of a birth, to begin to get her ready.
We haven't told the girls yet. They are too young to know this early. I just don't think they would understand yet. And April is so far away.
I wasn't planning to tell them this early since they are so young (4 and 2) and don't have a good grasp on the concept of time. Also, I am not sure how I would explain if something happened early on.

That said, I AM telling them soon because I will have to bring them to my app'ts and I figure I might as well tell them what is going on.
We told them and while my 3.5 year old DD kinda gets it, my 2 year old is oblivious.

My 3.5 year old has been asking me to go get our new baby from the store for a few months now. SHe's been drawing pictures of her and has named her Mahmimi. See brought me a picture she had drawn of myself, my husband and the new baby in my belly. Shee looked at me very seriously and explained who everyone in the picture was and asked me if I could do it (meaning make the baby in my belly)

It was adorable, and she is ADAMANT that this will be another little sister. She said we could have a brother tomorrow.
I am dying to tell my daughters but I feel I should wait till the 13 week mark (if I can). My oldest has been talking about mommy having a baby for a long time. She is going to be so excited!!
LOL, stitchinmama! My daughter has been asking me daily for the past year or so when I was going to have a baby!

I plan on waiting, too. We are planning on this being our last baby, and for some reason, I would like to keep it my own for a little bit. The kids will be the first ones we tell, though. (Other than my midwife, who I told today.)
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We've told everyone already. I can't keep a secret. My mom knows my cycle, and really really was itchin for a new grandbaby, so I knew she would eventually ask me if I missed my period and I don't want to lie to her. (I have my own little red tent-ish commune of women with my mom and sisters.) And I still wanted the kids to know first so we told them as soon as I was sure, and then 30 minutes later we told my family.

It's fun! They are so excited, they ask me everyday how big the babe is, which is probably disappointing since my belly looks like the babe should be 4 months along already.;....
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We told my two girls. They're 7 and 2 1/2. The 7 year old is excited. The 2 year old keeps trying to look in my tummy. It is a long time to wait, but I didn't think I could keep it a secret.
My kids know. I told them when my blood test came back positive, but cautioned them that they baby had to grow big and strong. We have a friend who had a miscarriage recently, so they understood what that meant. I just couldn't keep it from them (or anyone else, really!)

Mine know. My 3 yo is really into birth. He helps people have their babies all the time. Men and women lol. He is really excited. Plus I think he remembers after claire was born. He is excited. Claire has no idea what I am talking about.
I told Sorin (4). He was excited and asked: "Can we get a boy one?"
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"I told Sorin (4). He was excited and asked: "Can we get a boy one?""

LOL, too funny!
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All my kids know now. I was not planning on telling them for a bit however after my dd guessed she asked me why i dont want the other kids to know. I told her because i dont want to cause them pain again if i do m/c. Then she said but mom,if you do have a m/c you will be so sad again and cry a lot and the other kids will wonder what is going on and may be scared. She is so right so I decided to tell them,they got through it once they can get through anything,together
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We haven't told them and they're so clueless they haven't picked up on any of the hints.

Katie Grace: "Mama, you sure do throw up a lot!"

Michael: Hey! That says "Pregnancy Vitamins". (Carries on building with legos without comment)
We told our oldest who is 10yo. SHe is too smart and we overhear us talking.

We haven't told our middle child...4yo because we are not telling my family for as LONG as possible and she would tell everyone

Of course we haven't told out 2yo either....I think he was the first to know even before us because he started nursing like crazy! He really like preggo milk. This is my first preggo nursing so we will see how that goes
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My 14yr old knows, he figured it out before I was even ready to tell, I guess Im not so sneaky after all! We havent officially told my 3yr old, beaue I know she will have no patience. But in general terms, we've asked if she wants a baby (yes) and if she wants a brother or sister (both). I will tell her soon just because, she is alreay hearing us all talk about it so on some level, she knows. My 19mo. old of course is clueless. When I was pg. with my 19mo old, we told his sister, and kept rubbing my belly telling her "baby" then she rubbed my tummy and said "baby" and we thought she got it, then one day she rubbed HER tummy and said "baby" so basically we just taught her that the word for tummy is baby!
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