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Do your pets know you're pregnant?

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Now, my dog doesn't have a clue. He's way too self-absorbed. And my boy cat is very attached to me and nobody else, so I can't get a reading on him. But my girl cat, from before I even knew I was pregnant, has been particularly attached to me and my belly. This evening as I try to grade papers (and keep procrastinating on the internet) she won't leave me alone trying to be a lap kitty. She's a super friendly and loving cat, but has been kind of bored of me ever since I got married, and brought a new man into her life. She's always loved guys, and she totally changed her focus to him when we moved in together. But suddenly, five months ago, she was in love with me again, and in particular my belly.

I was reading Michel Odent, and he has noticed that women who live with cats or homebirths with cats in attendance are remarkably quicker and smoother. He doesn't know why, but has seen enough to see a trend. I'm glad my midwife agrees -- she said she loves it when cats are in the house for a homebirth!
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Yes, my cat has noticed. She is attached to me normally, but she is like velcro now. She follows me EVERYwhere and will curl up at my feet (if I'm sewing, on the computer, you name it). Right now she is on our window seat about 12 inches from my arm - she's funny.
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That would be one smart parakeet! LOL.
I don't think my male cat gives two craps about anyone but himself, although he has let me hold him lately and normally he is a "chase me and I might let you pet me once" kind of cat.
My female cat on the other hand is IN LOVE with me the past few months, and she is normally a daddy's girl. She just gets comfy right next to, or on me, every time I sit down. I had thought it was cause I smell like cocoa butter and she loves chocolate but maybe it is the pregnancy thing.
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My conure (small amazonian parrot) started laying eggs this time. We never had a DNA test and we thought she was a boy.
Apparently not.
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my dog (male) will "kiss" my belly if we are sitting near one another. he also comes into the bathroom while i am in the shower if i am singing to the baby. i think he knows something is going on.
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Our nasty cat the one who hisses at everyone and who I swear is pissed everyday that she's still alive, she's been "not mean" too me. I wouldn't go as far as to say "nice"
One of the male cats poops in the basement
He did the same thing when I was pg with dd and stopped shortly after she was born. The other male cat doesn't come in the house enough to know if we've moved or what

The chihuahua sleeps everynight leaning on my belly. The bichon has been sleeping with me quite a bit now. Normally she sleeps with dh
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The first couple of months I was totally repelling two of our three cats (all female). They've come around by now though and seem almost cuddlier.
my female dog is very wise and old, but she doesn't yet know i'm pregnant. i don't know why but i wish she knew. i think it would make her happy.
Not in your DDC (saw it on the new posts). My female cat was velcro during my last pregnancy. When I got pregnant this time, she was my first clue that I was... trying to push my son off my lap (when she normally runs from him), trying to climb on top of the laptop when I'm typing to get on my lap... she's ALWAYS within a couple feet of me (and crys outside our bedroom door when we go to sleep for the night).
My one dog (lady) knows she is always cuddling up to me and following me around - which is very much not her thing. Our other dog Anna (who is the one normally following me around) hasn't got a clue. She still tries to jump on my stomach all the time and lady always attacks her before her paws hit the belly (we have big dogs)
With my last pregnancy, one of our female dogs knew and the other didn't ever have a clue. This time, I'm not sure either of them have a clue, but it's a little harder to "attach" too closely to me these days, because ds is always sitting on top of me
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I'm not's possible out of 6 cats what one or two know something is up. I definitely have one very standoffish cat that has become super friendly in the last month or so, always wanting to be on me. I wouldn't doubt it.
My cat was more cuddly when I was pregnant with DD, but this time she really hasn't shown much interest. I think she is too busy dodging DD's attempts to play with her!

Now my cousin has a cat that totally loves pregnant bellies. When I was pregnant with DD, she would get on my lap, press her nose in my belly and purr like crazy while drooling all over the place. I even got a picture of it...

I went to my cousin's house right after I found out I was pregnant this time and her cat immediately jumped in my lap and did the same thing even though no belly was showing yet, so she definitely "knew". Normally this cat ignores me completely - she only does this when I am pregnant.
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Marymama --

That's an amazing picture! It's like she's sending psychic messages to the baby. That should go in a book about animal intuition or something.

Since I started this post, it's like my boy cat found out and he's trying to catch up. I can't get him to leave me alone now, and if I won't let him on my lap, he's always right by my chair. The first time he got all lovey in my lap, the baby got all excited (I couldn't tell if it was happy or agitated excitement), which is understandable, because this is a heavy-pawed, 20 pound cat who gives lots of intense love with his sharp claws and doesn't know when to give it a rest. But now the baby seems to have gotten used to kitty, and all is well, except that between both cats loving my belly, I'm having a hard time getting anything done.
My cat (female) LIVED on my lap while I was pregnant with dd. She would curl up like a little nursling. This time, she tries her best to get on my lap as much as she can. She has my dd to contend with, who begins to complain loudly as soon as the cat starts walking toward me.
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My cat (male) is more attached to me. But, I'm not sure he really has a clue. It will be interesting to see what happens when he can feel the baby kick him.
My male cat knows and knew almost immediately. There were specific behavior changes. He is much more cuddly with me. With DS#1, he'd curl up next to my belly, but would freak out when he felt a kick. It was too funny. Nice pic Marymama, so sweet.

I think the dog has a clue but is in denial (she was our first child).
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