When Dr. Aisha Khatib was flying on a Qatar Airways flight last week, she never dreamed that old, "Is there a doctor on board?" adage would apply to her. But, it did, and it meant she got to deliver a sweet little girl who was named after her!

Dr. Aisha Khatib is a professor at the University of Toronto. She also is a doctor who specializes in travel medicine, which was SUPER convenient last week as a woman on the Qatar Airways flight she was on with needed help delivering her baby--MID-AIR! Talk about travel medicine!

The incredible doctor shared her disbelief and excitement with the Twittersphere and called the baby's delivery a miracle in the air.

Only about 1 in 26 MILLION passengers give birth on planes in-flight, and it was lucky that Dr. Khatib was on board when the mama went into labor.

Together with the support of the plane's flight crew, they worked to bring a healthy baby girl into the world.

Dr. Khatib's academic research has looked at the risks of flying during the Covid pandemic, but delivering a baby in mid-air hasn't necessarily been part of her work. Still, she said that the most meaningful part of the whole experience was that the new mom was so appreciative and full of love. Even better? She named the baby after Dr. Khatib!

Mother and baby are doing well, and this is really the kind of joy we're looking for these days, isn't it?

Welcome to the world, sweet Aisha! What a story you've got to tell!

And here's to Dr. Khatib--for stepping up and stepping in!

Image: @AishaKhatib/Twitter