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Doctor won’t make the cut - Feeling pressure from hospital for more c-sections

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Doctor won't make the cut
Feeling pressure from hospital for more c-sections, she leaves

By Cheryl Welch
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Surrounded by a house full of cardboard boxes, Wilmington obstetrician Helen Sandland discussed how giving birth Mother Nature's way is in jeopardy.

Dr. Sandland - known for the past decade as the doctor local women went to if they desired natural, vaginal deliveries - moved to Mississippi last week after being told by New Hanover Regional Medical Center administrators to do more c-sections.She refused.
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I posted about this in the Birth and Beyond forum, also.

This is just disgusting!
This is very sad because I am sure she and many other women became doctors and later specialized in ob/gyn because they wanted to help women.

Many women doctors simply walk the medical line and do as they are told. Many women doctors have turned out to be worse pelvic pirates than their male counterparts, so you can never be sure about them. Even many midwives turn out to be "medwives".

She is at least speaking up.

Good for her!

If more doctors would speak up, collectively they can make a difference.

A good read is by Dr. Michelle Harrison, A Woman In Residence, about how women are treated in medical school and in medical training.
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