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Doctors in Boulder friendly to non-vax families?

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We've just moved here and are seeking a doctor, preferably family practice but pediatrician is okay too, who would accept a non-vaccinating family into their practice. We are also getting ready to enroll our daughter in school here and will be using the Philosophical Exemption allowed by the state of Colorado, but feeling somewhat nervous about how her public school will react. Has anyone out there in cyber land done that before in Colorado?
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Hi, I too live here and am expecting my first in October. I have an appointment with my MW tomorrow and will ask her for referrals for you and me!
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Well, I can only speak of a pre school program, but it is through the city. I had absolutly no problem at all. I just told them that I needed the immunization exemption form and the teacher sai oh, no problem! Like it was a totally normal thing to ask for

I was never immunized growing up, and i remember the schools in MN giving my Mom a funny look sometimes, but then they just got over it.

Also My sister has 2 boys in a Charter school in Boulder County and has also not run into any problems with her to Un immunized children 13 & 16.

Good luck!

ETA: I will pm you with my Family Prac. Dr. That I LOVE in the Louisville area Mcaslin & Hwy 36 area
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Thanks for the replies! We got our registration papers last week for my daughter's elementary school, and they said to please bring immunization records when we bring back the forms. So I downloaded the Boulder County Vaccine form and signed the philosophical exemption, which all looks very straightforward. I hope it all goes fine next week. And we are looking into using a naturopath, although apparently they are not licensed here?? That seems so strange, after living in Portland.
Hi, Here's what I have found:

Kristin Van Konynenberg 303.441.0434
Jill Kamon 303.442.2913
Paul Berger 303.441.0434 I think he is also a naturopath
Tereas Jarmul- 303.440.3102 There is another doc in this pratice named Suskin who I have heard good things about.

I don't know if any of them are non -vax, but I hear they are respectful and will work with you. Worth checking. Hope that helps!
So, are these family docs?
I think they are all family docs. I need to call them myself soon.
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I was also going to recommend Paul Berger. He is okay -- a little too much in the medical mode for my liking (but I am way, way out there
) . He is totally cool with not vaxing, although he did mention tetanus, but I was adamant that I won't do it whatever and he accepted it. There used to be an awesome ped in Boulder/Longmont, Dr Andrea Vianna but she moved to Greeley. Personally, I would rather drive to Greeley to see Andrea than any of the ones in Boulder. We are registered with Paul Berger and he is easy to get into, but I don't plan to see him for anything but physicals when needed.

You have absolutely no need to worry about handing in your philo exemption, they won't bat an eyelid at any public or private school in Boulder. Trust me.
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