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Does anybody NOT have a problem with Little Lambs?

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Am I the only person who doesn't have a problem with these wicking? I have a big 4 1/2 month old who is a fairly heavy wetter and I've never had a LL wick. I was using fuzzi bunz at night (stuffed with a premium ipf) and DS kept saturating the diaper and waking up wet. I started using LL at night (with a preemie prefold for added absorbtion and an extra fleece liner to keep his bum dry) and have not had a problem.

I just keep hearing everybody say not to buy them, but I think they're great!
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I never had any problems when we used the Little Lambs AIO. My kids both developed a reaction to fleece, though, so I had to stop using them. But no, they never wicked, they were cute ... not all that trim, and the fit is a bit weird, but we never had any problems with 'em!

If you like them, they work well for you and your DS, then who cares what everyone else says. Hey, they're inexpensive and easily obtained, so that's a big plus, in my book!
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I could use them with my ds from about 5 months to a year old then he became a heavywetter

I bought some NB LL for my dd. I couldn't snap the snaps around her chubby thighs so they would wick around the legs because the fabric would turn in
I still plan to buy some more in the future if she slows down peeing! LOL I love the prints and the price!
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they never worked for us.
My first Little Lambs cover was the first wool cover I ever purchased and will always have a special place in my heart.
I have two and never had any problem with them and found they perform just as well as Sugarpeas wool, etc., any of the wool wraps I've tried.
DS has long since grown out of that soaker, but I was just perusing her soakers last night, thinking it was time to revisit them.
(but I bought an AIO instead, never tried one of those :LOL )
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At one time I had a bunch of the print LL's and I loved them. Dd has never been a heavy wetter, she's more of a leaky faucet :LOL She pees a little, but frequently. They worked well for us. Now that she's holding her bladder for longer periods of time I wonder how they would perform. Dh liked them a bunch
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LLs worked well for me until dd started wetting heavier, then they started wicking after one pee so I stopped using them. Am hoping they may work on ds for a bit so I can get some more use out of them - I love how cute they are.
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They worked great for us, even for big wetting moments.
The ones w/ print outers wicked for us, but I had a few that were solid PUL on the outer and those worked fine for us. I used them for ds at night when he was about 4 or 6 months old. (before I got hooked on wool!)

I liked them ok, but I've found a lot of other diapers I like more.
We've used them in the daytime with mixed results. Usually when we have wicking issues it's because one of the ruffles got tucked under. Ditto the pp about the solid PUL outers, never trouble with those!

I had wicking problems if I tri-folded the soaker. If I just folded it in half it worked great. Unfortuately, he grew out of the largest size around 14 mos.
I jjst got mine today and got a wet lap..... maybe i didnt wash the soaker enough to make it super absorbant. I had to change her after 30 min and then I put the next one on and she went like 30 min again. I have had better luck with a PF and no cover. but like i said myabe the soaker isnt absorbing....

I lov ethe way they look on her though.
If your LL are leaking, try drying them in th dryer for 10 min on hot to seal the holes. That helps with any leaky PUL cover or pocket.

They worked fine for us, a little frilly for my taste, but functional, and cheap
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I love'd 'em too! I had a little bit of wicking but I stripped them and then only washed them in sportwash (we have HARD water here) and gave each of them a good coat of PWG. Perfect!
I just have no luck with them. But, then again, I have a heavy wetter. Also, I really think it's important to fully understnad the effects of waterproofing spray. I used to think of it as a save all for my heavy wetter, but then research found me. I fully respect anyone that feels comfortable using it (heck, I did!), I just hope that you realize what's in it and what kind of impact it has on your health, your baby's health and how it affects all the other diapers that you wash along with it. I actually try not to buy used diapers from people that use water proofing spray. Probably a
, but check into it. I'm not sure if LL AIOs are sprayed before leaving the WAHM's home, but I do konw that a few WAHMs use it routinely on the AIOs they sell.


Originally Posted by wawoof
I would avoid any waterproofing spray that has flouro-anything in it, including Permanent Waterguard. For an article on the dangers of perflourates, check out:

BTW, DH is a chemist and backs up this info.

With a home waterproofing spray, I would worry about:

a) you inhaling it

b) the spray coming off in the wash and getting on everything (if it only lasts 20 washes, this tells me it's coming off in each of those)

c) polluting your home environment
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them too. I have used mine for quite awhile and they still look great. Many days it is the only thing I can get on ds b/c he won't stay put for a second! Sure I have had the occasional wicking, but usually that was after a super pee. Think I like my infant baby textiles prefolds the best as the soaker, or just folding in half the hemp LL soaker, instead of tri-folding it. They are just so easy to use and I don't find them any more puffy than my ME airflow/sandy's combo. Since ds is actually making progress now with potty learning, I am actually sad to see them just sitting there, not being used much anymore; just love my prints!
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Ya' know . . we have a Diapering Reviews forum here. You all can feel free to post there if you want.
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Goodness, you sound so Mod-elicious!
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i had trouble with the prints leaking. none at all with the solids. the sizing was VERY inconsistent though.
I had problems with the prints and the solids. The solids were not as bad, but, I sold them.

I also found that the one size did not fit ds?!? The leg measurements were too small, and I couldn't get the waist tight enough. It was just a weird fit overall.
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