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does anyone actually have a nania airway

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so.. Im planning my carseat changes, Ill be buying both kids new ones in the next 3-4 months

David is getting a britax wizard

Kay im not sure about.. I am considering a nania airway ,over a marathon

1 because it harnesses to 50 lbs, she is 3 & only 25 lbs.. so im sure it'll be a long time till 50 lbs

2 it looks more like booster & less like a "baby" seat then the marathon .. this could be an issue by 5 , shes always been pretty stubborn

it can be used with a belt eventually, though I'll fight that untill shes at least 6

price, its half the cost of a marathon

however, i know no one that has the nania airway, nor do any stores around me..

so does anyone have one? have you seen one in stores??
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Okay, I'm sorry, but I'm no help. I just had to tell you that when I read your title, I thought it said "Narnia Airway"....and I just had to run in and read as quickly as I could, that lovely little fantasy world of Narnia......

Imagine how idiotic I felt when I realized you were talking about a *carseat* :LOL
See less See more has the Airway.

I can tell you I REALLY like the Marathon. Nania/Safety Baby previously operated in the US as Renolux, and they had a horrible recall record. None of their recent seats have been recalled, but they're previous record made me shy away from their seats. Also, they were just bought by Chicco, so I'm unsure about what would happen should you need replacement parts at any point in the future.
Have you considered the Britax Husky? My dd will be 5 on 9/7 and she loves her seat. (My almost 3 yo has one too.) It's a great seat and has the 5pt harness to 80 lbs. (5pt is the safest)

Regarding the Airway.. my friend has one in their second car and likes it just fine. Never any problems and she said it's easy to use. (They have the Husky in the family vehicle)
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