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Hi Arcenciel!

I really struggle with controlling my anger, at times (just a few hours ago, for example) and I can identify with your situation.

I just wanted to share this 'anger scale' with you that I discovered on MDC a while back. I am sorry, but I do not remember who wrote this or when, to give them credit for such great info.

It seems some of us who struggle with anger have difficulty being aware of low levels of anger; perhaps we don't notice that we are angry until we are very high up there on the scale, so to speak.

1. Mildly annoyed; tapping feet, sighing
2. Annoyed; negative tone of voice
3. Upset; making sarcastic remarks, arms folded over chest, not
listening to other point of view
4. Angry; yelling, crying, slamming doors
5. Out of control; screaming, hitting, punching holes in wall

Anyway, I hope this is useful info. for you; if not, just disregard it. I hope and pray that you are able to grow through this problem. (again, I find it ironic to be sharing this and encouraging you, seeing that I'm just coming down from being nearly out of control with anger)
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