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Does anyone else experience this?

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Every luteal phase, I have slight cramping, like a toned down version of AF cramps. They gradually get worse as I get closer to AF. They are on and off from about 4dpo.

I've never heard this mentioned before, only cramps very close to AF, or cramps from implantation. Obviously, that's not what it is for me!

Is there anyone else who has this happen? Should I mention it to my doc?
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This happened to me for the first time even in the cycle before my current cycle, which was an "off" cycle with ovulation on CD 23. One other woman, UberMama, I think, mentioned that this slight cramping during the LP is normal for her.

I would mention it to the doctor, though s/he won't necessarily think it means anything. Along with other signs and symptoms, it could be diagnostically helpful, though.
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