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My DD is just the same way. She still nurses at almost 2, and was ebf, worn in a sling, etc....and yet until about a month ago she was the least snuggly and affectionate child I had ever known. It was so bad that DH was concerned she didn't love us. Being closer to her, I knew what her "love" signs were and could reassure him. But he had a very tough time (he is a big touchy feely guy) understanding that she was different.

Now she runs to give us hugs, loves kisses, and is such a snuggly daddy;s girl that it is beautiful to see. But it just started being that way. She still will not go to a stranger, and is very reserved even with family she sees often.

I think some kids are just wired this way. My feeling was that she got so much comfort and attention from nursing and being held all the time (she was very high needs and would cry if I put her down even for a second) that she was getting her snuggle time fulfilled enough for her.

I'm sure your dd shows her affection in smaller, quieter ways that you notice. As she gts older they will prolly become more apparent and more the "norm". At 1 my dd was at the height of un-affectionate and now at close to 2 she is very affectionate with those she is closest too.....

Good luck! And like the previous poster said just keep doing what you are doing and give her love and kisses. Before you know it she will be returning them happily.
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