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does anyone else have this cover?

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i bought it and really like it - it is real stretchy and fits nice. the problem is that it smells...not poop or pee but it smells like its new and almost stale. its hard to describe - it smells "foreign-made" (i'm really not trying to insult any foreigners here - my family is all from europe!) i don't know how to get rid of that smell and make it smell fresh - or not smell at all! am i making sense???
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I don't have it but maybe you could give it a wash with Lavendar Eucalan?
I would recommend Lavendar Eucalan as well. It smells kind of odd when you are actually washing but once it is dry it smells really nice. Very soft Lavendar fragrance.

Or get some liquid WOW from . You get to pick your sent and now all my wool smells like peppermint.
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That's a Disana. They smell like that. It's just really strong sheep/lanolin smell you are smelling. At least that is what the really strong smell on mine was. It fades after a short time. Just use it and wash/lanolize as you normally would.
actually when I get in new natural wool, not only does it have bits of hay and stuff in it, but when I block it out (using the steam to make it stop rolling) it makes the smell come out, like wet dog/sheep. LOL it is just what wool smells like. I have had a lot of it different brands, different processes, all give that smell a bit. It fades greatly and you can't smell it at all once it is done and blocked, but there is one moment I want to gag. LOL

Thankfully it isn't a smell that stays with them, I have bunches of wool (obviously) and I have never had any customers complain about it either, so that might not be the smell your smelling. Try washing it, that should help!
I have that exact cover(LOVE IT), and I thought the same thing when I got it. My aristocrat smelled a bit like it too though. It's a gamey kind of smell. I koolaid dyed it, and now all I can smell is blue koolaid!! LOL
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