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Does anyone else procrastinate selling diaps?

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I have about 15-20 diapers/soakers that really need to go to a new home and I have them in a pile in my DS' room...all I have to do is take pictures of the darn things, decide on prices and put them on the TP and see what is left to ebay LOL...but do you think I do it??? Noooooo...this pile has been accumulating for months
and they are still no nearer to getting sold but for some reason or other I don't like some feature about them, they don't fit right for my DS...or I just don't use it enough to justify keeping it around and I feel guilty looking at this beautiful piece of fluff that is idling away instead of being used as it should!

So does anyone have any anti-procrastination strategies for me so that I can get these diapers out of here and start building that paypal acct for my fall order of small elbees for the new baby LOL!

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Nope, cause when I sell diapers, that means I am in need of the moulah or they are too big and I want something else to replace it. It's not often that I sell diapers!
Yes...I have a HUGE pile on a shelf in my laundry room waiting to be sold. I am just too lazy to list it and then ship it. I also have no clue how to price all of it and since I have hard water some of it could be considered *crunchy* and I am afraid of getting slammed somewhere by the person who buys it.
I'll get around to it one of these days because it is a lot of good stuff and needs a new home.
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I have a bunch of diapers I've been waiting to sell. The only reason I had to wait, though, is because I'm not eligible to sell on the TP until tomorrow. I'm hoping to get everything together and have a post up on the TP by the end of the week.
I have a huge box of stuff I need to sell (again), but when it just seems overwhelming I try to pick something I think will sell quickly, snap a picture, and list it on the TP. Doing it one at a time for a bit gets me rolling then I do a larger FS list.
...please list it!....especially if they're newborn diapers - it'll be much less painful with money coming into your paypal account
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Oh, this SO ME! I have literally dozens of diapers that need new homes. What is worse is that I have a TON I want to send to Aid for Orphans and I haven't even gotten those packed up yet.
I think I may just send them all that way anyway...

You are so not alone! I just suck at selling things in general really - not just diapers. I really *mean* to do it, but I just procrastinate to no end. Sigh.
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I procrastinate about everything to do with ebay. It sounds so easy but I find it takes an enormous amount of time to list something, communicate with the buyer and mail it out. Not to mention I tend to do it in huge batches of 20 items or so and always end up getting confused, then I'm too lazy to mail it and it goes out late, etc etc. I could never do ebay as a way to make regular money. I've done a huge lot in the last 2 weeks and should have been studying for my exam on monday, but instead have been fussing around with ebay.

No strategies, just get in there and get it over and done with. You'll have the money in your hot little hand inside a week.
yes, i have a bunch of things sitting around that i need to unload. i usually end up giving them away before selling them, because i find someone who needs to be converted :LOL
I have a hard time reselling! I have 32 AIO's I could sell, since I switched to wool. I syill use a couple, but not often.
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