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does anyone else's preschooler not like the movies?

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we went to a free one the other day, and he said it was too loud. i don't blame him. i think it's kind of sensory overload for him, which makes sense, but he's the only child i know who doesn't like going that i know, which suprises me. anyone else? not a big deal, just curious. oh yeah, he's 4 next week.
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My 4 1/2 year old has left Nemo, Piglet, and Home on the Range in tears. No, I don't know why we keep trying, except that I keep thinking that he "should" like them and I want to give him a treat. I think we'll wait a while longer before we try again -- especially that the 10 minutes in Nemo cost over $20! He finds the big screen very scary, though he loves videos at home. Oddly enough, he now loves to watch Nemo and Piglet at home. I guess that's why I keep thinking that the next one will work!
Neither of my kids liekd th emovies much during their preschool years. It is loud, it smells funny, the seats are sticky, it's dark, and even kiddie movies are not made for the under 5 set. No wonder they don't like it!
even kiddie movies are not made for the under 5 set
no kidding!! don't get me started on this
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We took our daughter to see one and it was definitely not for her. She was interested in the snack she got while there, but that was about it!
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Ds will be 4 in August and we have never taken him to the movies. We have no reception on our tv so we only watch videos and dvds. He really doesn't like watching fiction or cartoons. He likes programs about construction, trains, farming and animals. He doesn't like all the fast editing that many kids shows have.

We borrowed Mary Poppins from the library last month and although he sat through the whole movie on the couch, he did not want to see it again and didn't like the cannons.

I just borrowed the Muppets dvd with Harry Belafonte, Linda Ronstadt and John Denver episodes and we only watch the Harry Belafonte one because the others were too violent (cannons again).

He can watch a real cheetah hunt down a zebra or a gazelle (very little graphic content) or hear about how the flopsie bunnies may get put into a pie - reading Beatrix Potter, but there is NO WAY he's going to go see Shrek or Nemo. He saw parts of the Piglet movie at a friends house and mentioned how similar it was to the stories we have at home in a book.
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I took 3yo ds to see Shrek 2 the other day because we were bored, it was brutally hot outside, and I was curious to see if he would like it.

He wasn't scared at all, and watched it quietly for about an hour. And then he got bored. He wandered the aisles for a bit (the theatre was pretty empty!), and then kept whispering that he wanted to leave. We ended leaving about 1/2 hour before it ended.
Oh this thread is making me laugh.

I took my 3 yo dd to see Shrek 2 last weekend...we made it into the theatre and got to stay for about, oh...12 seconds. THere was no one in there and there was just the trivia on the screen. We had our popcorn and M&Ms and diet Coke. I thought we were golden.

She stops 10 feet into the theatre and says "Mmmmm, let's go home." and I said "But..." and she shouted "PLEASE TAKE ME HOME MOMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was like, OKAY! For goodness sake we aren't going to torture you here. I got a full refund seeing as the movie hadn't even started and we went shopping (the theatre is in a mall) and she was much happier.

REALLY glad to hear I am not alone, b/c all my girlfriends think this is crazy behavior cuz their kids have loved the movies since they were 18 months old.
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That must be it. We would never have taken ds to a movie at 18 months. I guess if you start them early enough at anything they get used to it.

Originally Posted by ajsmom
That must be it. We would never have taken ds to a movie at 18 months. I guess if you start them early enough at anything they get used to it.

I can't imagine having taken my dd at 18 months....I think it would've been 100 times worse at that age (if that's possible

It's hard to tell. Ya can't turn back the hands of time, but wouldn't it be cool if you could? See if some of these qualities could've been averted or if they are simply inborn. hmmmmmmmmm.
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Karma, I dont know exactly what you mean in "see if some of these qualities could be averted or are they inborn"?? It's my understanding and deeply held belief that children are desensitized to these artificial means of entertainment at way to early an age. I cant stand the noise level, the shock value, the obnoxiousness of most movies these days geared to both adults and children. It's disgusting.

If you read "you are your childs first teacher" She explains the temperment and emotional/mental state children are born with. It is our job, especially in this day and age, to protect our children from the toxicty of movies and media. Your child is telling you something important and you should listen.
I've been having the urge to go to the movies for myself, and to take the kids. I realize this is a summertime thing that is coming from impulses to do stuff and have fun.. yet, I cant hardly bare it myself--- it's mostly crap out there and Im not paying for crap. There are no good movies out there for kids. The best one we know of that we have at home Is "CHITty Chitty bang,bang" It's sooo wonderful.
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Originally Posted by lauraess
Karma, I dont know exactly what you mean in "see if some of these qualities could be averted or are they inborn"?? It's my understanding and deeply held belief that children are desensitized to these artificial means of entertainment at way to early an age.
I don't think we disagree....I hold the same beliefs you described.

I was just saying it would be cool to do something one way, go back and do it again a different way and see if anythign was different in the end. With my daughter, I don't believe it would have. I am not sure she'll ever like going to the movies (even though I love to go sit in a cool, dark theatre with some chocolate and take my mind off everything while watching a stupid movie) because she is sensitive to noise, light and space. And I agree with you....she is just like that.

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lauress, interesting post. that's what i was kind of thinking about it all too. don't know if it should have been posted directly to Karma though since she seemed to have the same feelings.

my friend who won't feed her kids any junk food has been taking her kids to kid movies since they were babies (not that there's a correlation between the two, just for some reason found it interesting). they'll sit through an entire movie.
To the movies? NO WAY!!!!

My dd is 4.5 and she's scared of any and every kind of video. I always think that "this one will be different 0 what could be scary about winnie the pooh", but there's always something.

I think if I took her to the "real thing", she'd be terrified!!!
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My daughter has always been hungry for stimulation; I think it really depends on the baby. Some little ones feel assaulted by the volume and pace of television, period... and good for them and their moms. That makes the job of keeping brain-junk away from them that much easier.
My DD went to the movies with me when she was very little. She was a contant BFer, wouldn't take a supplemental bottle, and could not go long enough w/out the breast for me to sneak out to a movie or a dinner alone. As long as I nursed her in the theatre, she was fine with the movie. We only had to leave one movie early (Monsters Inc) and that was because she got bored and wanted to run up and down the aisles.

Maybe it is because I took her early, or maybe it's just the way she was born.
That loud noise that drove some kids nuts soothed her to sleep. She was always one of those babies that loved the infant swing, loved to be spun around, tossed into the air, tickled, et cetera.
All I know is that it's all well within the scope of normal.
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Ds saw parts of it a year ago and won't watch it now. I think it's too scary for him to watch everyone get shot at and chased.

I just bought Dr. Dolittle but I will watch it before trying it out on him. I love dvds because we can choose scenes.
My DD is 11 now, but she has NEVER liked the movies/videos/tv.
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Took my almost 3 yr old to see Shrek 2 b/c she loves Shrek here at home. We lasted 20 minutes. She found it more interesting to run up and down the stairs in the theater so we had to leave. I won't try again till she's older. I didn't think she'd be able/want to sit through the entire movie, but I did, so I figured we would try it. It was a mistake that I learned from ($18 mistake, LOL)
wow, i wanted to just lurk and read and eat popcorn but i ...well... wow. i know this is a thread bout those who don't like the movies, and why the moms are against the movies, but i'll type anyway

my daughter is turning 4 in August and loves the movies. We've gone to the movies as a family since she was about 2 1/2 and she's always loved it and begged to go again.

I bought a summer pack, 10 movies for $7 for us. We go every thursday at 9:45am, get popcorn and watch kids movies. Sometimes her 2.5yo friend comes. We meet another mom with her almost 5yo. I nurse the baby soon as the lights go down and he sleeps on my chest in the sling for his morning nap thru the movie. Today we saw the movie Spirit and she and I talked the rest of the day about horses, the army , treating animals with respect, freedome, how the two horses fell in love, how the horse got to go back and see his mama, friendship and loyalty - all kinds of things.

we've seen lots of movies on dvd at home and in the theatre. she's also seen some live theatre and live music on stage.

I'm not surprised some children don't enjoy the movies, or that some are frightened or that some moms think its wrong that i take my kids to the movies either. But in our case, its just a fun thing we do in the summer arizona heat
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Funny that you mentioned the movie spirit. We got it on dvd and that was one of the movies that my dd feaked about. She was really scared for those horses.

I know that my dd's super sensitive, so I guess it does has to do with the nature of the child. There are lots of interesting things to learn from all movies.

I wish I could watch Walt Disney movies with her: "Lion King", "Alladin", etc. But it would just be too much for her!
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