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I do. Almost every night since I got married (2 years now). It's always a variation on the same theme -- I'm living in a dorm of some sort, and I have a ton of stuff I have to move from one part to another. Usually I also have to find a way to move my cats and dog and dozens of aquariums of fish (which is a dream thing, because I only have one fish). I'm always freaking out that somehow I'm not going to get it all together in time and I'll get in trouble or someone will pitch it out or something.

I've always been good at detaching myself from stuff. I have certain packrat habits (I hoard cardboard boxes, for example) but when it gets out of control I always do something, even if it's gritting my teeth and throwing reusable stuff in the trash. My dh, however, has a very hard time letting go of things. I just recently got him to let me throw away a VERY holey pair of underwear he'd had since JUNIOR HIGH (he's almost 30!) He used to try them on once and a while and get nostalgic while all his bits and pieces peeked out of the holes. Seriously. We have been working on decluttering for these two years, and he's on board now, but it's a slow process.

Anyway, just wondered, does this manifest in anyone else's subconscious?
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