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Hello <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br>
We live on a residential road that connects two roads. Those two roads connect each other also, but a few miles passed the entrance of our road.<br><br>
It is sort an "A" and our road is the fastest route, but only by a couple of miles.<br>
A truck could very easily skip our road and only add, at most, 4 miles to their route.<br><br>
There are nothing but houses on our road, except a small outdoor hall, that plays live orchestra music on sundays in the summer. The place holds maybe 50 people.<br><br>
The speed limit is 40 miles an hour and we have easily 20 (maybe more) gigantic 18-wheerlers flying down this road daily.<br><br>
There are tons of kids and pets living on this road and I would love to get the town to make this not a thru street.<br><br>
Does anyone have any experience with petition the town (or whoever) to make this road only drivable to cars and trucks under a certain weight?<br><br>
Who should I call? Should I get signatures first? What are reasons that a town (or county) would approve this change, so I could focus on those things.<br><br>
The noise is atrocious, but the speed and size of these trucks is nightmare inducing.<br><br><br>
Thanks for your help <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="thumbs up">
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