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Does anyone have this book?

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IM looking for "Emergency Childbirth" by Gregory White

I found it on Amazon but its 18.00 on there, cant afford tp pay THAT much....anyway anyone????
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I could loan it to you, but it's a regular in my library so I'd want it back
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I found this on a website about NAPSAC

Emergency Childbirth. Dr. Gregory White's tightly written guide to handling birth crises is available from NAPSAC (NAPSAC International, Dept. TMEN, P. O. Box 267, Marble Hill, Missouri 63764) for $4.00 postpaid
The site i looked at for NAPSAC you had to join for 20.00 a year or something like that....what site did you find that info at?
I own this book and I really don't like it. It's very dated, sexist (IMO), and just plain bizarre. Maybe the techniques described for emergencies *are* best on a newborn, but folding a baby in half back and forth to perform CPR just really seems odd to me. It's also very short - like a 45 minute read. Can you maybe find it at a library or something?
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