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Does anyone have this problem?

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I'm trying to get a business store up and running for diapers, but I can't get past the imperfections in my items. Every diaper I make has some tiny flaw, and it's usually only really visible to me, but I can't justify selling it, thus I throw it in my stash, and then it can't be sold. I know I am being way to anal, because some of my diapers are far better than a few that I have bought from other WAHM's, but I never feel that they are good enough. I only want to sell PERFECT!!! items. Please, tell me that you have this problem.
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You could list them as seconds and sell them at a discounted price.
I so know what you mean. I drive my husband nuts with the way I nitpick our tshirts! I tell him I'm quality-control!

I think you should offer them as seconds, I know I wouldn't mind imperfections as long as they still did their job, plus since we're on a tight budget, cheaper diapers are always good. And some money is better than no money, if it's just going into your stash!!
Definately sell them as seconds. Or...maybe ask a few people to volunteer to buy them at a slightly discounted price, and have them tell you what they think of them. kwim? Maybe they're nice enough to sell as 'regulars' and you're just being to critical of yourself.
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Thanks for the advice. Those sound like good ideas, and I think that on some things I may be being too critical. My husband thinks they look great (but guys are never as critical as women), but I have also taken them to play group and some of those women thought they looked awesome too! Anyway, I will probably sell some of them as seconds and some of them as regulars based on how many imperfections there are. Thanks ladies!
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