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Does Anyone Know a F.A. Instructor in PDX?

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Hi, I'm new to this site...
I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of a Fertility Awareness Instructor. I've searched the phonebook, the internet - do they exist? Even my midwife can't point me to one. I'm almost certain there are no formal classes going on, but I'm hoping that maybe there's an F.A. teacher out there who would do a private session. Have any of you heard of anything like this?

I just finished Katie Singer's book The Garden of Fertility, which was wonderful, if anyone (like myself) has wondered how one does Fertility Awareness while breastfeeding and not menstruating. Highly recommend it.
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nope, no fertility awareness instructors out here. a few Natural Family Planning instructors, some with more of a religious bent than others. my friend Deidre is one with less religious-ness to it, but she is pregnant with her 4th right now so is probably not in the best mindset/place to offer classes. i will check with her and get back to you.

Thank you - I appreciate any leads I can get!
Sharon Glass-Jonquil is a CNM up in the Portland area and she used to be a FAM teacher. Perhaps contacting her?

The only other leads I could think of would be a Catholic Church.
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